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  1. I just asked and hopefully I'll get a response soon so I'm good. The administrators can close this post.
  2. No because when I used the editor it said that not all of it could be displayed. Please use the two obelisks in the bandit woods. The editor was remade for Geneforge 2 so I was just wondering if anyone had any insight. Thanks
  3. The only bandit place is the bandit marsh and there are no obelisks so I'm confused. Can anyone help me.
  4. There are supposedly two obelisks in the bandit woods and/or a ruined school in Geneforge 2. Can anyone tell me where they are. I'm currently circling the bandit woods trying to find them so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I know I'm not supposed to double post but I just wanted to say I figured it out
  6. I've heard there are unofficial Character Editors for Geneforge 2 out there. I tried installing one that used to work in my game and now it doesn't. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I'm on a Mac. Can anyone help me? This is the post where I found it: http://www.spiderwebforums.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=197006#Post197006 Here are two of the links I downloaded it from: 1.) http://rapidshare.com/files/346466815/z0entrydlg2.txt. 2.) http://www.mediafire.com/?y79jocg3sjmg10h I followed the directions for downloading it and installing it but I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. The directions were: Remove any numbers, spaces, or letters...and only leave "z0entrydlg".
  7. It doesn't work for me. I'm on a Mac.
  8. Silver Shadow I was wondering about your Editor. I downloaded it because it gave the correct skills and didn't give random abilities. It works fine, but to get the item editor you need to go to the bandit woods in GF2 for the obelisks. There are no obelisks and there is no bandit woods in GF2 so I was wondering if you could fix that somehow. I don't know how or I would do it myself. Thank you.
  9. I have a MAC and I want to download the geneforge 2 character editor, except all the links are dead. Can someone post a link for the editor that actually works please?
  10. The one thing you can do it go into the character editor. Raise all your stats to max. Then click energise and raise health which will put it at max. Then get the best armor, weapons and things like that by clicking on the lists. Also arm yourself with the Orb of Tharlini, so that when it does get stolen you can say you fond it and not have to do that quest. Keep setting back the days every so often so day 150 doesn't happen because then you have to save the Tower. Become an Anama and when they take away your mage spells, go into the character ediotr and set them back to level 3.
  11. I've dowloaded the Geneforge 2 Character Editor and I want to know if anyone elese has dowloaded it. If so what do you use for your starting character. An Agent, Guardian or a Shaper? Do you max out all your skills, money, experience, join each sect, then get it's benefits, do all it's quests (or most of them anyway), then return to the Entry Valley and say you never joined any of the sects and kill all the sect leaders for the ultimate ending?
  12. Where is the hole to leave after you defeat the muffins?
  13. If iffy's links are broken where can I download it? It not on http://www.blades.nethergate.net yet, I already looked.
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