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  1. I just saw someone using a Charm spell on a video, and I'm confused. Charm appears nowhere in my spell choices, and I'm in my second playthrough. I thought there were only 12 actions available for each category (Combat, Magic, Support) and that Charm was not among the choices. Am I playing wrong? Am I completely misunderstanding actions?
  2. Doh! I was mixing up Tarmana and King Borgen. It was Borgen who wanted the written statements from the Vol and Ahriel.
  3. Well, I found that if I went back and said "We will only fight for a vassal," the dialog finally progressed, which is weird, since Tarmana had already made clear he did not want Vol to become a vassal. And if, in the next dialog box, I say "I can't ask you to become a vassal," we end up in the same deadlock. This guy really wants to be my vassal, while insisting he does not want that. This time I saved just before the conversation, so I tried again and said "Mom wants you to be her vassal," and that worked. So now he asks me to destroy the gates of Thabhlen, so it seems I jumped the gun on that one. So I end that conversation, start another immediately, report about the gates, and everything goes smoothly from there. Weirdly, he never asks for the signed statements from the Ukat and Ahriel this time. *shrug*
  4. Thank you. I'm not sure the apology makes any difference, because I apologized last time, too, and it worked out fine. I think I may have given Aquila her orders before reporting the blow up? But when I walk into Madraka, the people all cheer me, so they know about the blow up. Thabhlen Pass doesn't come up in conversation options with Tarmana anymore, so I don't know what I can do at this point to get back on course.
  5. This is my second time playing through, but I've encountered a problem I didn't have the first time. I've sided with the Owen, apologized on behalf of Haven, blown up the Thabhlen Pass, told the Mascha that the Owen must be freed, and given General Aquila the order to fight for the Owen, but Tarmana is acting like there's still a problem, and the deal isn't finalized. I know there's more, because he's supposed to ask me to get signed statements from the Ukat and Ahriel. I say "What is your offer?" and here's how the dialog goes: He says I can enter the Vol if it's to fight the Mascha. "Your cause is just. We will help you now." Tarmana looks worried. "What is wrong?" Tarmana says he's heard we only fight for vassals, and asks if I can really help him. "I might be able to convince General Aquila to help you right now." (In fact, Aquila's army has already marched.) "Go talk to him [actually it's her, dude]. If you really think you can convince him, you should." Debate breaks out, conversation ends. Obviously I did something differently this time, but I'm not sure what. Last time they became vassals, and signed a pact to that effect. There are no longer any conversation options with Aquila that would seem to advance this process. Is this a bug?
  6. It is apparently not enough to just have all five stones on your person. They have to all be visible in your backpack when you talk to Smith Ysbal. I made room in my main character's pack by putting a bunch of extra weapons and such in my trunk back at Fort Haven and putting all five stones in the main character's pack.
  7. Thanks. I started the game over again after the fight with Redbeard was about to begin and I realized immediately I didn't have a prayer of beating him. So this time I'm trying to do some things differently. Dhorl Stead in particular left a bad taste in my mouth.
  8. I'm pretty sure the answer is "No," but I figure it can't hurt to ask. What is the "least distasteful" way to get through the game, in terms of wreaking minimum havoc on the inhabitants of Dhorl Stead?
  9. I can't believe no one has commented on this. Funniest single block of narration in Spiderweb history.
  10. Ack. How did I miss that? I walked all around that central staircase and never went up it! Many thanks.
  11. I was hoping to find out from this thread how to get into Moritz'kri's final(?) stronghold *inside* his tower. I've cleared out every area I can get to, but there are a couple of locked doors that require a key, and one that could be picked if I had enough lockpicks. (BTW, I'm frustrated by the scarcity of picks, potions, etc. that can be bought.) Will picking that one pickable lock get me the key(s) I need to get into the northwest corner of the tower, or is there something else I'm missing? Thanks.
  12. I just tried playing the game for the first time since installing Snow Leopard, and am having the same problem Avery encountered. I tried reinstalling what appears to be the most current version (v1.0.4), but no luck. Has this problem been addressed? I don't know if the game can be played regardless of the glitches, but it sure ruins the atmosphere.
  13. I had the same problem, but just restarting didn't solve the problem. On a hunch, I held down the tab key as I loaded the saved game, and that did the trick. After the game loaded, I released the tab key, and the labels disappeared.
  14. It was entertaining. Maybe it was overkill. I think, like you, I only screwed up the first time, and, like you, the timer ran out just as I was about to re-enter the hall. But I suppose that annoyed me enough that I determined to find the most methodical way my second time around. What I did was save before starting the test, then went in without any intention of finishing on time, with the sole purpose of locating as many trinkets as I could. I noted their location, and when things would start to look a bit tight, I simply started again from where I had saved to look for trinkets I hadn't located yet. Then, knowing the location of at least nine trinkets, I plotted the most efficient course and did the test "for real". Obsessive-Compulsive? Anal retentive? You be the judge.
  15. I agree that switches are better than the earlier invisible walls. There are still hidden entrances, but most require hints from NPCs. It might be a good idea to make it possible to also detect such entrances through high nature lore, arcane lore, or tool skill, since there's always the possibility that you may have prematurely killed the NPC whose hint is required (e.g., Kingsley, in the case of the Mindwarp Chitrach quest).
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