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  1. Hmm... I'd prefer it cost 3 energy and 3 times tougher than the current one, because it cost my character to "stun 1 turn" to resummons it plus energy cost.
  2. I can one-shot enemies on Casual, don't how long this will last. Skeleton summon is still bad, two-shot by enemy on Veteran, and three-shot on Casual, it needs some love.
  3. Casual is the recommended difficulty for solo? Itself doesn't sound very exciting... I like the new engine and mechanic changes, a lot actually, I just wonder are there any boon left for a singleton, such as more XP in Avernum, or medals in Avadon(kind of). If not, despite all the good new stuffs, I have little motivation to explore them.
  4. Played for a while, I think it's impossible to beat the game on Veteran as a singleton, unless there is some serious exploit player can use. I can't progress if I don't recruit the first three drones, tried to head to the port directly instead to see if I can progress the quest by reclaim the port, can't win the fight, the skeleton I summoned is made of porcelain and the promised layers of enchantment aren't that useful either. I'm not deep into the game yet, I'll try hanging around the world map to see if there is any place yields free XP. If not, I'll lower the difficulty to Normal and give it try. Still, after finished Avernum and Avadon 1 as a singleton on Hard, Queen's Wish gives me a strange sensation.
  5. Good, good! I'm a little bit nervous because of the preset skills at beginning.
  6. I don't want melee abilities, I want MAGIC!🤒
  7. Oh that's fine, what I need is just a comfort, there are things a singleton can't accomplish and I happily accept that. I just hope there aren't many "Steel Ward" in A3:RW.
  8. Nah-ah, you are not going to talk me into that, enemies in torment are just... fatter, combat is more time consuming, and basically that's it. I always play on hard difficulty, no matter the size of my team. After finished A:EFTP as a singleton, now I'm finishing A2:CS as a singleton as well, the final boss fight is identical as fighting Sulfras: spam Icy Rain in hope for immobilized, the "powerup" mechanic is quite broken, made the fight like gambling, there is one time I almost got him, but due to misfortune, he broke control, run onto my face, and banged my head causing 8000+ damage, can't imagine the feeling(and the damage) if I'm playing on torment difficulty😂 Anyway, it's still the first one then? Hope the game will have a lonewolf-like trait to improve solo experience, but as long as the plot is good and the game is beatable by a singleton I can't argue too much, besides, I already decided my protagonist's name in Queen's Wish - Chevyn!😘
  9. Made a small mod to let a necklace provide +1 AL, I hope it's not consider as cheating😚
  10. Are they still hive-minded like they were in Avernum, or they have their own personalities and dialogs this time? If it's the first one then I would prefer playing a royalty singleton, sounds kinda cool! I also hope in Queen's Wish the game mechanics are more friendly to solo playstyle than Avernum provided, for instance: always referred by NPCs as plural while you're alone xD
  11. I think only the Resistance Crystal in the list is solely depend on AL, that's alright it's not a spell. Too bad that Jeff(the developer I presume?) has no time to fix the game, but it's understandable, thanks for your quick reply.
  12. IIRC she's the only method to raise one's AL beyond 10, which is crucial of a singleton to learn lvl 3 spells, in A:EFTP my singleton learned all spells at lvl 3 thanks to her. In A2 however she no longer trains AL! I know there is VL to compensate, but there are still a few situations require solely on AL, and I was so depressed after I realize my singleton can't learn lvl 3 Steel Ward because it requires 11 AL. Not that I need to min-max(already 87% armor), I was role playing as a solo seeker who craves spell knowledges, and spell level is the tangible thing that reflect to it, solve quests, dive into dungeons, build my character around it, after I did all I could(10AL 4VL), knowing that I'll never be able to complete my goal, which I completed in A:EFTP, really ruined my personal immersion. I know the game is... old, even after a fashion, but is there any chance that the developers could consider lower Steel Ward requirement by 1? I think that's the only spell in A2:CS that can never learned by a singleton. And, just curious, are there any spells in A3 also barred singleton like Steel Ward in A2? Thx.
  13. 22 traits, human race. Another character of mine has 24, from another playthrough already abandoned after I found out summoning focus is point less compare to a prismon trainer. Edit: trait "Vahnatai Secrets" is from dungeon, removed from counting.
  14. I'll try to make it more clear: 1, You can't spend a single point if you want to store *ANY* points for later, because you can only confirm level-up training by spend all points into stats, skills and traits; 2, I didn't spend any points after level 29 or so, I can confirm that since my level 35 character has 3 stat points and 6 skill points, but 0 trait points, lost after level 31. And about the editor, usually I avoid this kind of stuff when playing games that do not require grinding, such as Avernum, but I guess this is the special case that I need to use it, my only concern is: does editor also disable steam achievements and in-game medals?
  15. How could that solve my "specific" problem? No matter how many skill points I will get, trait points are lost forever, I saw another guy on steam had the same issue!
  16. A2:CS, I never count the total number, 2 trait points lost is what I'm certain with.
  17. (1), of course. Here is a save file if you could look into it, it's an auto save.
  18. Traits can only be upgraded after all other points are distributed, so no, trait points on my character are completely gone after level 31. Or as you said, it stops pop out after level 31, so I can no longer access it. Please tell me there is way to fix it!
  19. Can't decide how to distribute my last 2 trait points, so I saved them until level 35, then I find out I don't have them anymore! After I increased skills I can only confirm, traits panel didn't pop out!
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