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  1. Well got through that, thanks for chiming in, Had not finished upstairs all the way and that helped to get me through the whole golem factory. One was that the pay/ outcome was not that big, Berra finding out it was the V, duh! Nah Glad I got through the whole mirror thing and tunnel system, great! Did the spacebar fest, for a while before got upstairs cleaned out!
  2. I have gone upstairs to use the control panel will do that again, and then see what I can feschizzle with the mirrors Thanks
  3. Hi all, looking for a solution to the mirror room in the golem factory, or the hidden tunnel, which at this point I surmise is in the golem factory. If this is otherwise I wish a spoiler at this point cause I am stuck. Do not have a auto save or a too recent point to retreat to. yikes. Have one laser point destroyed, 1 mirror pointed at the 3rd ray, nd when I push the 2nd mirror it tuns around and just kill me, all puns intended.
  4. So does anyone wish to offer a suggestion on the mirror part down in the Golem brewery? I am down to 2 rays in the tunnel, first ray on the left has broken, now I moved 1 mirror cannot seem to get it out again, is there a workaround by having my no 1 guy go in att mode and take some hits?