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  1. Honestly CRPG's sorta died off after Dragon Age Origins etc hit the scene. Its not like you missed anything MAJOR op. Pillars of Eternity is a great game that suffers from truly awful all around writing. The main story is just poorly delivered. Its like it wanted to be like BG1's 'lets go adventuring!' mixed with BG2's epic story. It fails in typical Obsidian fashion. The companions are hit or miss, but I personally found them far more interesting than Dragon Age's companions. Then you have the world and lore ... which... feels kind of like Forgotten Realms fan fiction. It wants to be darker and grittier... but really isn't? Combat wise, Pillars is similar to BG1 in that spells aren't the do all end all of combat. So it feels more fun for me, as BG2's wizard duels etc bored me to tears as I looked up a particular counter spell and whatnot. If you liked Spiderweb's games, I'd HIGHLY reccomend Trese Brother's games. Star Traders: Frontiers, Heroes of Steel, Battle Templars, etc. If you just want epic tactical combat. Stories are non-existent... but hey. Fun, cheap games with some responsive developers. Shadowrun Dragonfall, Shadowrun Hong Kong, Underrail, and Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines come to mind as indie CRPG's I liked. (Although, Vampire is more like the original Deus Ex but I feel like anyone would like it. Along with the original Deus Ex. Not that newfangled nonsense, the ORIGINAL Deus Ex... and System Shock 2... and... Ok. I'll stop.)
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    AVADON side quests

    Thanks again! When I read that I remembered one I used.
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    AVADON side quests

    Thanks for all the help! I'm around level 28/29 with my party, so I suppose it makes sense Id have good basic gear. Thanks for the advice with runes, I was saving them... and recently when I came back i ... forgot how. I believe its in the forge at the Black Fortress but it could be one of the forges with the Dragon too. I honestly cannot remember where you do the actual forging XD Anyway thanks again. Answered all my questions.
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    AVADON side quests

    ... so.