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  1. There is also Inquisition on gog, which I havent tried yet. Oh and Tyranny is on sale now.
  2. You really should play Divine Divinity. I loved that original game because it was just as addicting as Avernun, and had a real low budget sense aboit it, especially how the storyline was ridiculous. Only gripe is it broke the foirth wall too much and was less serious than the current Avernun games that tackle a real mature and serious theme of imprisonment.
  3. Ok, I will calm down. Too much of my stuff for one thread.
  4. Here is some of my own fan art mostly inspired and some of them directly related to my experience playing Avernun Escape from the Pit, and some others medieval or fantasy in general (I am also an avid history fan particularly of teutonic knights, lithuanian expeditions, Sparta, Troy and such): I added some digital flair to this piece (the original can be found on link below on my site): This one is overall rpg, fantasy or dungeons and dragons theme (all done on black pastel paper with white pastels mostly soft): ] Here is a collage of different pastel pieces Ive dome using photograph I did at a bar in Poland for backdrop: Some others: You can check out more of my stuff here: https://mike-lata.com/pastel-art/
  5. If anyone is interested, I started an art print shop on Facebook or you can just email or contact me via pm here and I may expand it if it takes off or I get enough interest to me investing in spray or fixer than really scanning the images somehow or going to a specialty print shop and also offeirng various size and paper quality prints: https://t.co/MuoG5KIKsu The price right now is only for regular prints of the images available with an iPad image as scan, but again if there is enough interst I can get them professionally scanned and printer for a greater price since I would be investing a lot more (I still am using ink and having to buy paper just for these on top of the time wnd effort for the art involved).
  6. Ok, I will calm down. Too much of my stuff for one thread.
  7. Ok, I will calm down. Too much of my stuff for one thread.