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  1. I do not know why but no one commented on it yet a nd I believe I posted it before, but I may have posted the old scan or the old version of me just taking iPhone pics of my writing and this is a better scan of it: https://maciejdurajjournalism.files.wordpress.com/2018/04/2018_04_09-10-59-05.pdf
  2. You guys should check out what I've done recently with Artistic CounterCulture or my brand of visual artistic pursuits. Both digital hand illustrations and graphic design all under my own work and one banner. Some latest samples for you related to the theme of fantasy or RPGs: Keep in mind that one of the reasons I call my work and site CounterCulture is I go against the grain of so called modern design. Almost all my stuff is done using the Apple Pencil on the iPad using a couple of apps and sometimes I later insert these raster images int
  3. lol my work in progress here below from pencil drawing to digital. What do you think is going on here? all done on ipad.
  4. Another variarion. I think this is like the 90s jeff vogels stuff like he previous iteration of avernun in game art, what do you guys think? This entire piece was created using the ipad from photographs and all digitally drawn stuff with stylus and vairoue filters and effects.
  5. Anyone besides me discovered Jeff Vogel through playing Avernun Escape From the Pit a few years ago and just fell in love with the game's theme and message? The message of perserverence against all odds, freedom, triumph against adversity, redemption, and will are just sublime messages in my opinion of something bigger that touched me with the game. The idea of fighting back against corruption, the poeers that be, men in suits, and those who want to keep others down and throw away keys or trade people in courtrooms for raises or banks selling their own customers for profit like babk of america
  6. There is also Inquisition on gog, which I havent tried yet. Oh and Tyranny is on sale now.
  7. You really should play Divine Divinity. I loved that original game because it was just as addicting as Avernun, and had a real low budget sense aboit it, especially how the storyline was ridiculous. Only gripe is it broke the foirth wall too much and was less serious than the current Avernun games that tackle a real mature and serious theme of imprisonment.
  8. If anyone is interested, I started an art print shop on Facebook or you can just email or contact me via pm here and I may expand it if it takes off or I get enough interest to me investing in spray or fixer than really scanning the images somehow or going to a specialty print shop and also offeirng various size and paper quality prints: https://t.co/MuoG5KIKsu The price right now is only for regular prints of the images available with an iPad image as scan, but again if there is enough interst I can get them professionally scanned and printer for a greater price since I would be investin
  9. Here is some of my own fan art mostly inspired and some of them directly related to my experience playing Avernun Escape from the Pit, and some others medieval or fantasy in general (I am also an avid history fan particularly of teutonic knights, lithuanian expeditions, Sparta, Troy and such): I added some digital flair to this piece (the original can be found on link below on my site): This one is overall rpg, fantasy or dungeons and dragons theme (all done on black pastel paper with white pastels mostly soft): ] Here is a collage of different past
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