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  1. Has anyone ever created a scenario that was 100% vahnatai? Not only recreating the Olgai tribe’s lands but the other tribes’ as well?
  2. BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    So you’re saying there are possibly some Vahnatai or Nephilim out there somewhere, creating BoE scenarios? Are you referring to otherkin?
  3. BoE or BoA scenario: vahnatai lands

    “Most creators?” 😐
  4. Exile = my childhood

    Good to know!
  5. Exile = my childhood

    I absolutely loved this game. I still love this game. It is better than any RPG I have seen since, including WoW. One question: when the game ends, does it really end? Or can you sort of keep playing the game and looting?
  6. What is this chronic disease?

    A radium bar! Thanks so much Lilith!!!
  7. Hey all. Sorry for all the posts; just discovered the forums. I was sort of scoping out a tomb (I think it was Ominous Crypt?) west in the Vahnatai Lands. Ever since then, my entire party will become diseased every so often, with the caption that we feel very ill and our hair is falling out. What is this curse? How do I get rid of it? Thanks!
  8. Exile = my childhood