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  1. Alright - so after the Avernite/Empire War and the various atrocities committed by the Empire I say screw making Peace with Empress Prazac, helping the Empire, and settling peacefully. The monster plagues put Avernum in a perfect situation to get some REAL vengeance - so for starters the new Avernum III should have the option to wage war against the Empire as an alternate story path - various things I would donate half my liver to see put into the game: 1. Ability to engage and eventually defeat the Empire Third Army through a long battle of attrition. 2. Alien Beasts escape Quarantine - eventually ravaging Blackcrag and evoking a military response after two years into the campaign. 3. Monster Plagues Evolve to become more Vicious: ie Alien Slimes roving around - Troglo/Giant War Bands that invade and occupy whole towns 4. Ability to Raze Towns: If a towns population is wiped out by force the eradication of the town can be completed with Move Mountains or occupied by Avernite forces/civilians 5. Dark Wyrms Hunt: Eventually the Dark Wyrms and Drakes/Dragons will emerge to hunt for food and treasure - which they might find on your collective corpses if you're not ready 6. Negative reputation: Killing Empire Soldiers and Civilians earns negative reputation that will eventually illicit attacks from the Empire. 7. Initially your party and Avernite forces are attacked on sight - situation can escalate to Empire Invasion of Fort Emergence
  2. So to make a long story short I listened deep within my heart and heard the voice of my Party - they were enthralled to see the Monster Plagues in Avernum III - The four of them are Nephil/Slithzerikai Heritage and remember well the various Genocides committed against their kind by the Empire - particularly fresh is the Invasion of Avernum and the Great Massacres - including the Mass Grave full of Slith Children - So I say again my Party rejoiced at the Plagues and began to train - to become Elite Warriors capable of slaying vast numbers of the enemy without assistance. Your Mission was to Explore and Assist the Surface Worlders - Instead we have Declared War - I have gone town to town using Divine Strength Buff - Every single city on the Surface World - including Gail at Day 1200 - were breached and their populations destroyed. It is Masterful with regards to Jeff that the town decay is so much more significantly complete if the Guards have been wiped out.
  3. I actually made it to day 1600 before my computer died and took that game to The Grave - there was a Troglo Prison being run in Sharimik and everything was in absolute ruins - I'd destroy walls and magical barricades for fun - Role Playing that the Refugees hiding from you will need to bring them back online once you leave the City - would also loot and buy nice things like plants from the surface - then started buying things like bricks and assaulting the Empire Army over 200 times XD Every day for months I logged in and massacred at least 250 Empire Soldiers - Just started a new game and buffed my Characters using the Editor and have already wiped out the surface in 30 Days -