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    Leveling Intelligence

    Ahhh... I had tried that several times, but it was always my main character who would walk up to the container and, I had thought, automatically went to her inventory. As far as the rest I had no idea, so thank you. It makes gaming a lot easier.
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    Leveling Intelligence

    Thanks everyone for the quick and in-depth replies. I guess since we are on a roll I will ask a few more here if you do not mind. How can I control other characters, while they are already in my party? I have a feeling I should probably read more of the hints guide in game, but I am currently away from it. But I see no obvious way to make my warrior companion open a container of some sort. Only my main who is a Shaman can I physically control and then I have to collect anything useful and then drop it on the ground and then allow for an inventory check and mass pick up of my other character. It's a little awkward... Also does simply carrying items on a person add weight to them at all? My warrior was picking up quite a bit and even picked up heavy armour, but was not emcumbered what so ever until he actually donned it. Do my characters carry magical bags of weightlessness regardless of size of items or is that a bug? And finally for the time being at least, can we attack or kill innocent unimportant NPCs, regardless of the repercussions? Like a few prisoners on the first mission they were scattered and did not say much. I generally play a middle of the road or good hearted character my first play through, but I had saved and then tried to attack, but it said I could not talk to them while in the combat mode. Is there an over ride to still attack and kill what ever you want, or the game simply wont allow for it? Thank you.
  3. WolfSpider

    Leveling Intelligence

    Thank you. Also I was reading builds for Shamans and although I like to play for the first time with out too many spoilers, I also do not like to have a poorly built character. I was surprised to find a Shaman, which uses a lot if magic, needed to level up in Dex and End (5-1 ir 4-1) while Int basically took a back seat altogether. Can anyone comfirm or deny? Also I read some where you could just reroll your stats, but how does that work? I leveled and then tried to go back to my character sheet screen, but I did not see anything to do that, such as plus and minuses? Can you reroll once per gaining a new level or you have to talk to someone to do it or a totally different screen? Thank you.
  4. WolfSpider

    Leveling Intelligence

    It says Intelligence makes your magical attacks hit more often... But is it weapons imbued with magic such as rods that does a Spirit Claw magical missile or actual casted magic from the player only or both? I am playing a shaman. Thank you.