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  1. Hello everyone! I recently joined the forums and was wondering if there's any chatroom like a Discord server for the community. I found this this thread with link to a server but the invitation expired. http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/23877-chatroom/#comment-298224 I was mainly asking because I'm starting to play Spiderweb games and would like to make questions and chat with people, etc.
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    Thanks, I'll definitely email them my thoughts on the game when I finish it. Probably with a fan art included I'll post the fan art here too, also it might be fun to share the process since it'll probably be a 3D model.
  3. Thanks Spiderweb for Geneforge! I used to play the first one as a kid when I got it in a CD with multiple games but I never finished it (probably because I didn't speak/read English back then). I'm in my 20s now and playing the first one again. Reading the story and dialogs really caught me this time. (I'm the kind of people who usually dislikes RPGs). Can't wait to finish the saga and try other games from Spiderweb.