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  1. Hm, okay! Its been a while, don't think I've played that one. Where might I find them? Nevermind, I found them here. My original question still stands, though: If I made scenarios, would anybody else come back?
  2. Hello, I'm Lazzamore. I'd like to get back into Blades of Avernum, but first I want to know if their any chance at all someone other then me would be playing/making the scenarios? I know BoA is mostly dead, and had a rough go at being alive to start with, but I still have fond memories of my first playthrough. While their are some i haven't played, I think it would get a bit dull playing just the same scenarios again, and even worse spending time and effort designing my own if no one's ever gonna try them! So, would anybody here like to form a new BoA group with me?
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