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Saved games on iOS no longer transferrable after iOS 8.3

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The supported method of transferring saved games between iOS-devices is no longer working since iOS 8.3:



The tool mentioned, iExplorer, can't access the saved games unless the games are updated to enable iTunes file sharing:



In my case I would very much like to finish Avernum HD on my new iPad since my old iPad has a broken screen, but at the present that is not possible.


Is there any chance of updating these iOS-games with iTunes file sharing support in the near future?


Does anyone know of an alternate way to transfer one complete app (including content like saved games) to another device short of a full device backup/restore? A full device backup/restore could work but will destroy everything on the target device. I guess jailbreaking would also work but I do not see that as a valid solution.

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With a Mac/PC application called iMazing I was able to backup just Avernum HD from the old iPad and restore it to the new iPad, with the saved games intact:



So, problem solved! Looking forward to continuing my Avernum journey. :grin:

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Hi Jeff, I guess I'm one of the few people who used to transfer my saves between pc and ipad so I could play on whatever I had available to me at the time. Any chance that you could enable file sharing for your apps? It would make the file transfers possible again. I was very sad after playing on my pc this evening to realise that I couldn't transfer to my ipad :( Unless anyone has an alternate solution of course ...

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If you want Jeff to read your suggestion, the best way would be to email him directly at support@spiderwebsoftware.com -- Jeff doesn't come around here that often.

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