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The 2 keys, BlackCrag Fortress....

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Richard Bacon Richard Bacon


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Posted 12 August 2015 - 08:34 AM #1 The 2 keys, BlackCrag Fortress....

So How to enter BlackCrag Fortress? or will i be allowed in because of my deeds to the south, cause is there someone i need to talk to in blackcrag of the "Alien Beasts" or am i just to go to Sulfras About that Monster Plague?
Richard Bacon

The Englishman Character in "The Black Castle"

Thaluikhain Thaluikhain


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Posted 12 August 2015 - 09:26 AM #2 The 2 keys, BlackCrag Fortress....

Start by talking to an innkeeper in Shayder south of the Anama temple...I think you buy a round of drinks, and they offer to tell you a secret.  Then you get a side-quest, and meet some people at the end of it that can help you with various things, including Blackcrag.  It's fairly straightforwards from there on.

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