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War Preparations

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Author: Milu





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Terrors Martyr


Not bad at all! Everything is nice and compact. I thought the plot was a parody at first, but then I figured out how it was feasible. Perhaps it should be explained first that the adventurer is this fellow who's known to have super-powerful golems? No matter. The dungeon was very interesting; it had a story that was centrally tied to the plot. Nothing about the scenario is particularly extraordinary, but it's actually solid and good. Enjoy.


GOOD (7.5)

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WARNING: Spoilers.



Technicality was moderate. It used some neat terrain changing but there wasn't anything too exceptional and I did run into two bugs. One was a dialogue box called when returning to the king saying don't come back without a replacement when I had already given him the replacement and they stood beside him. The second was odd. When I pulled the lever in the golem machine for the first time, it insta-killed me but then it went to end-scenario "Congratulations, do you want to save?" I, of course, said no thinking I'd just have to reload my previous game, but it sent me to the "You lost because everyone is dead" box. "Do you want to "quit, restore, or restart?" and restore didn't work. It sent me in a loop back to the "you lost" box. I had to choose 'quit' and then reload my saved game. /bug report


I really liked some of the custom graphics. The golems in the cart looked really nice, but some of the outdoor ones weren't converted to the Windows color so they were dark and stood out. Story line was, well, not my cup of tea, but on the other hand I saw no grammar errors and there is replayability. I wanna know what happens if you don't start killing the goblins.


I really enjoyed trying to find the green oil. That town was designed really nicely. I didn't enjoy having to run back and forth to build five golems, but that was more of a mouse problem on my laptop. Got no keypad, see.


All in all, I'm in the middle on most everything. It was a nice play.


GOOD (7.2)

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