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  1. Bandits need clearing out, and we find some further direction in what we'll be doing. https://youtu.be/rnmgaLS42Ck
  2. Into the town we go, to explore and find out just what exactly is going on in this place. https://youtu.be/TGLGMNG4TGE
  3. And so we begin a new scenario! Appologies for the awkward ending, my timing for the episode length was kind of off, this is my method of fixing that. https://youtu.be/pUYgvrhGB0s
  4. And with the finale of Mad Ambition, I find myself... COMPLETELY lost and confused... https://youtu.be/DI6tOhUMq5c
  5. I swear, I NEVER would have thought of this puzzle solution. Props to the creator. https://youtu.be/0Qoch9ZuolI
  6. We return to Fort Ivalice to find that things are not in as good shape as we left it... https://youtu.be/pZpimSzE_T0
  7. Granted, I didn't put all that information together in my head at the time. Appologies, I'll have to look into doing the rest of TM's scenario in the chronological order there, if that is for the most part a better order to do them, and makes sense story-wise. I'll be taking a break from recording this weekend (As I already have more than a week's worth of backlogs) so there will be some catchup with that. Out we go to try and strike a blow against our enemies and then... reminisce? That's... unusual... https://youtu.be/BUSFc3auGvs
  8. Pretty much this is the answer to why I chose it this way. I specifically decided to play the "Ones I was told to play in order" first, and THEN I'm going through the rest of the scenarios made by that specific author in level order (Since, logically in my mind, if they go in order then level would matter... as you could move a party that completed one scenario on to the next one easily. Like with Bahssikava/Exodus, in a way). That's my plan, and nobody informed me otherwise of other connections. We've arrived at the fort, and now it's time to speak to the twelve inhabitants and learn about those stationed there. Appologies for the late upload, my clock's alarm didn't go off and I had to run off to work as soon as I woke up. https://youtu.be/cwBI4Z2u954
  9. And so we begin a new scenario, by Terror's Martyr. And it starts off, like many stories do, with tragedy. https://youtu.be/odFZROWkJ7c
  10. No need, simply download the version located on the BoA Scenario Database ( http://blades.nethergate.net/ ) and you'll have the version I have, in exact. With regards to the first, while I appreciate the offer, I do not feel I have quite enough skill to be able to act as an advisor. I don't know coding, I'm no expert on builds or difficulty balance, I'm not a writer, and so forth, and have issues telling people what they should do as I feel it should be their choice how to take things and the like. Correcting grammar and spelling errors are the furthest I'd really be able to do. With regards to the second, this is something I probably should start doing more, when I can. Obviously if the creator doesn't appear to be watching my vids I can't ask them for help, and admittedly sometimes I feel it's best to SHOW what the issue is as opposed to TELL (like I was aiming to do here with the error in the capital in the last episode), but I'll try to keep on that more.
  11. Well... anyone got an exterminator and a repairman handy? https://youtu.be/pAkM9DgnYQA And here, Thralni, you'll see what the bug I've been getting is, along with other major or minor issues. I'll get back to this sometime in the future, now I know how to continue with it. But in the immediate future, I'll be moving on to other scenarios.
  12. You would be right. The Character Editor was the only way I was able to proceed. And for a capital city, the town seems surprisingly barren... https://youtu.be/HE2utgKUpKE
  13. Not as easy in some situations, such as when the two tiles look almost exactly the same (referencing Lord Putidus specifically here). And here... well. Something tells me you NEVER expected someone to screw up the way I did here. https://youtu.be/5PJ60ts0Mvw
  14. Our escape from the testing halls is followed by a slight delay as we clear out some power generators. https://youtu.be/EXz2x5Bg9Pc
  15. Trapped in a dungeon with no potions, no energy, and partially damaged. I'll give them this, it's one of the more thought-out death traps out there. https://youtu.be/tle0TqGCv9w