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  1. Glad you're enjoying the vids Thralni. And I hope you enjoy as I keep going. Well now, I must say this is a pretty effective way to convey horror... https://youtu.be/dgUt4GB7ykI
  2. We played HIM, and now it is time for the game's sequel. And the atmosphere here is quite effective... https://youtu.be/KNxp0BvQCOc
  3. A two-parter as we work on completing this scenario. Bit of a bother, the final fight. https://youtu.be/82veQAsSsYI https://youtu.be/WMJhxKsAyZs
  4. Thank you Kelandon! I appreciated your comments throughout, and look forward to homeland. A new scenario by a new author is begun... and I dare say... have we gone insane? https://youtu.be/HzDiec6lDKg
  5. Finally the time has come to deal with Lord Putidus once and for all. So let us do so. https://youtu.be/jAwFWxXz4xw And with that, Kelandon's scenarios are complete, and it is time to move on to the next author.
  6. Slowly we make our way out of the basement, and find... oh dear, Putidus has been busy... https://youtu.be/cPTc5HOaSIs
  7. There's a reason "Rage Games" are something that people enjoy watching. But that said, no, I don't particularly care about maximizing views at all. So... yeah. I feel like the "Genre Difference" thing really is the massive cause of my anger and rage and how I approach all of this. I've been playing this whole time like it was another RPG scenario, and not like it was one with more of a focus on puzzled, harder combat. Because of this, my expectations are drawn in a certain way, and I get angry when those expectations don't meet it. To draw back to the earlier comparison, it's like getting angry at Dark Souls because I didn't expect Dark Souls to be that hard, and expected it to me closer to other, easier games I had been playing. Or something. I will admit though, the time between recording sessions, and delay in getting help from the forums, really does also factor into the frustration, and is a shortcoming on my end. I only have so much time to record, and mixed with my desire to never miss an update every day (And sometimes my desire to keep playing) it DOES result in the unfortunate fact that by the time I get the tips, I'm way past where it is helpful. I still appreciate them, and make use of them later when I can, I only wish I could display a more immediate result of the assistance. Anyway, moving on to the next episode. Into Castle Putideum, and then Prison, and then Hell. https://youtu.be/GXHelzOPAA8
  8. This is true, and I will grant you that. Well, okay, maybe closer to going into Dark Souls without KNOWING it was Dark Souls levels of difficulty, but still... fair point. With regards to the first, I would like to make an emphasis on the difference between "Hints and Guidance", "Providing the outright solution" and "Saying absolutely nothing". The first is what I like, and draws from my love of games like Myst and Obduction (The latter of which I actually did on my YouTube channel). The second is what you are hinting at, that of a puzzle definitively telling you "YOU MUST DO THIS TO WIN." The third is what I sometimes feel is what happens with Kelandon's puzzles, that of going "Okay this has happened! How do you fix it? Iunno." For example, take the puzzle in Bahssikava where a party member of yours is mind controlled. There is NO hint or information of where or how to fix it, what is causing it, or anything for quite some time, outside of running around and finding an altar somewhere. That's it. Several paths lead to dead ends and wasted time and frustration, with no clues like "You feel a dark presence calling his name from the northwest" or something. THAT guides you and provides a hint without outright telling you "You must get to the altar and break it" or something like that. Things like that is what frustrate and irritate me. For the second paragraph, Having to reload isn't an intense and immediate punishment. First-turn kills, or damage that nearly kills you or completely incapacitates you are "intense and immediate punishment". The Paralyzing Aura given off by one of the demons in Exodus is an example of this, wherin if you understand the puzzle too late, even if you would otherwise be capable of fighting or continuing you are left frozen and forced to reload, which is further frustrating. For the third paragraph, I honestly have to disagree with the last statement. I have never felt like a hero when I've beaten those impossible odds. I've only felt relief that it's finally over and that I don't have to do it again. Hopefully. THAT is bad game design, in my opinion. THIS is actually a combination of two things. The first is my scatterbrained-ness. I tend to laser-focus on some things and miss other things, hence me not noticing status effects on my characters unless a big audio cue happens, and many times not looking at text information. It's also why I tend to forget I have wands, potions, and so on until it's way too late for any of it to be useful. Hell I've never even used my fighter's berzerk ability and barely ever used my mage's energy restore ability for that very reason. The other reason is related to the fact I'm Let's Playing it. And that is pacing. The one thing I REALLY don't want to have, is VERY long periods of dead silence where I'm staring at the screen, silently analyzing, and trying to figure it out. It KILLS any attention people have, and could even lead to them wondering if the video froze. Because of that, I feel I have to keep going, and can't stop silently for too long. The only times I really have allowed it in all the LPs I do is when I end up in a situation where I really have to try to think of an answer to a dilemma, and am torn between options (Like some choices that have happened in Avadon), which I've left there to emphasize the difficulty of the choice. Yes it's a turn based game. But taking two minutes per turn really adds up in the long run, and makes it less interesting than it already is, not to mention longer. It's another reason why I get so frustrated with the constant reloads. Yes people may laugh at my pain, but I also feel that showing the same content over and over and over is just... not good for the LP. Especially in this one where there isn't as much variation in the same types of combat. This. Sudanna said a whole bunch of things I really kind of agree with, and I'm glad she put it out that way. Thank you.
  9. I feel like the "Genre-Level difference" comment may be the closest to the explanation to the frustration. And I admit, sometimes some of the comments about how it was meant to be for those who play harder levels and focus on the combat and the like occasionally leaves me getting a feeling of it being like someone who plays a more common Hack-And-Slash on easy or normal suddenly being thrown into Dark Souls and raging about cheap deaths. Tell me if I'm wrong. Mind you I've never played Dark Souls for that very reason, only heard the stories of what it's like and such. Now I will admit: Often, I would play a game on Easy difficulty first because I like seeing what the story and fights and everything is like before going through on harder difficulties later (if at all), although I have in more recent years worked on going through on more normal difficulties first instead. And while I wouldn't say I HATE combat, I also don't necessarily LOVE it. It's true, for me the draw of these games is the story, writing, environment, setting, and so forth. Hell, look at the Spiderweb games and you'll see that that's what I praise them for. But I also happen to like when there are some clever ways of working in a puzzle in combat when I feel it's done well: i.e. showing the issue, making the solution hinted at or shown, and not making the punishment for failure to adapt before it happens intense and immediate. For me, constantly dying and reloading in a fight to try to figure out how to solve it over and over again just isn't fun, especially when you don't have time to see how the fight goes or develops. First-turn-kills are a horrible idea in any RPG in my opinion, short of as a "You made a really obviously stupid decision" kind of thing, and seeing that show up in this scenario really frustrated me and put me off. And just as a note since people are mentioning background... my first RPG was Neverwinter Nights, and I found myself raised on the Bioware RPGs. That and Spiderweb were the chief ones I was raised on, so that's probably where my stance on games comes from as well. Anyway, there's probably more I could say, but I don't have time to put it in this post now, so I'll just leave this next episode and peek back in later. https://youtu.be/DW61Tls0lB8
  10. And used and used until you rely on them like a crutch and suddenly find yourself unable to use them because you've run out of them and cannot replenish them and are left facing a situation where you literally cannot continue without them and you are thus stuck with a point of endless frustration and rage. Now I admit I have a problem with never using consumables, I'm one of "those" players, yes. However the opposite situation, having to RELY on them, I feel is also not a good choice for the situation described above. In addition, there were points in the scenario as I played it where it seemed like you were expected to be prepared for a fight before it even began, even if there was no hint of it about to happen outside of reloading. The number of times I died on the first round when I barely did anything, if anything at all, should demonstrate this, and why that is a bad idea. In my eyes, any combat should either be able to be beaten the first time you encounter it either without any warning, or with clear indication or hints of what you are going to experience, and the fact that it doesn't happen with your scenarios is part of what is so frustrating to me. We visit the other town in this area, and everyone is quite clearly terrified of the man in charge. Hmm, what is he doing... https://youtu.be/TbrANzG2OFw
  11. Are you perhaps implying that Richie's sister, your sister, is a reincarnated PHAEDRA? Oh man, that would be SO TWISTED. And as for Lord Putidus and hard combat? HA! Just look at the first episode. We start things off REALLY pissing me off. https://youtu.be/pL9A2SWIg04
  12. Twists within twists, as we learn the truth of... just about anything. And all of it fascinating. https://youtu.be/nhhKuzZSjlE
  13. Finally we learn of the mage's past, and why he is doing what he is doing. And then... something strange happens... https://youtu.be/FEibLKYqMn4
  14. A fort of wild monsters, led by an intelligent one. And yet... how did the mad mage get through? https://youtu.be/gZCFP04y8fc
  15. We've lost track of the mad mage, so it's time to go find the Sensitives to find out where to go. https://youtu.be/CNKMfvHgnJg