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  1. Not that that's a bad thing in my opinion, considering earlier frustrations. I have to admit, kinda like this gameplay mechanic a bit... especially since it doesn't stick after leaving the area and coming back. https://youtu.be/sk00F2BSIF0
  2. Appreciate the info, I'll definately be considering doing things that way. Maybe. An important lesson is learned, and we move onwards to the next area... where we learn the PROPER method of use. https://youtu.be/ILDpI1lYYQg
  3. I DID consider doing the scenarios in creator order, I admit, but Chronological won't work as well as I have NO idea when scenarios were made, that information wasn't present where I found them, I think. If it was, I didn't notice it. We begin our following of Ethass through a fort of barbarians. Well maybe she's in there somewhere... https://youtu.be/xA7ZFVaj--4
  4. Just a note to put down here: I just finished doing my recording session for today, and the last bit I recorded was the end of Exodus, so I have completed the scenario. There will be 11 more episodes before I am done with it. Unless you happen to have Homeland hidden somewhere for someone to play it, I'm planning on this weekend moving on to the next scenario I was going to do: Nobody's Heroes.
  5. Far atop a lonely mountain the Prophet sits, demanding answers to questions many have long held... https://youtu.be/jMnC3x2K2W0
  6. Well I was assuming it was a bug or glitch. i.e. the DESCRIPTION said it was bows, but the TYPE was thrown weapons, thus in my mind there was a disconnect, and that if I used it the weapon would actually use the Thrown Weapons skill to calculate damage and chance to hit, seeing as that was the type. Description can say ANYTHING after all, and wouldn't necessarily have an impact on mechanics. The answer to what I think it means is that I DON'T think of it at all. Honestly I've never looked at the "Plus whatever per level" bit, as I figured that bit would be the same no matter what depending on type of weapon, and it's the base damage that depends just how good a weapon is. So I ignored it and forgot about it. What's the best way to defeat a horrible curse? Beating it into submission, of course! https://youtu.be/gsDjdiV0tss
  7. Disappointing that I'm missing so many hidden things. Possible that there just aren't obvious enough clues for them. Though frankly I'm not surprised at all that I missed the hidden thing UNDER Manikoss, considering it's a "Get through before you die from overwhelming hordes of endlessly respawning monsters or from the constant highly-damaging acid" kind of area. Who WOULD stay in that kind of place longer than necessary? Things are getting dramatic again, and people are starting to get very concerned about everything. And then THIS happens... https://youtu.be/2c_-ilHbBIs
  8. A pity, but thank you for letting me know. Due to this, I'll just have to leave the link in the posts. Through Fort Alora we go, clearing out the beasts and puzzles we find within. And there's a decent amount of both. https://youtu.be/GDmXRm_bB1w
  9. Sometimes the scouting part is easy, but the returning part is the hard part.
  10. I do try to save after lengthy combats, but mainly at points that seem appropriate. Such as after coming back from refreshing my health and energy, or before a big encounter. Doing it after every encounter (Because honestly, most of your encounters are of fairly large size, it seems) seems a bit excessive to me. As for Sheik? The lower damage because of the Assassin's Dagger may be true, but it should not affect her chance to hit, which seems much lower than Fawkes. Hell, later on I actually notice that even Draco when blessed has a higher chance to hit things than Sheik when blessed. It doesn't make sense to me... Oh yes, and the Resistance thing? Blame it on my desire to get stats to 10 before stopping. It's just a nice round number... Pushing our way further through the darkness, to deal with the leader of this temple.
  11. An area where we can't see the monsters we have to fight and can't target anything further than right in front of our faces. Still better than the Catacombs or Manikoss.
  12. Right, I'll see if I can do this right, since I've never updated mid-game. Hopefully I do it right. Finally it's time to move on, heading down the river for our next goal. But first, a small detour.
  13. I will admit, the main reason I haven't updated is due to the fact I don't know how doing so would affect the saves and my game progress.
  14. The answer to the former is because I really didn't memorize the spawn locations of the creatures. In fact, I often didn't notice the respawn unless they appeared in an area I had fully cleared. This was why I never noticed on the east side, because I had no idea how many creatures there were or where they were for so long, I just thought that side was FILLED with creatures and never made the connections. As for the third scenario never being released, well that's a bit saddening. I hope the end of this scenario doesn't leave things TOO mysterious. So close to completion... maybe we'll finally, finally be able to finish this.
  15. With the East Side tackled, it's time to work on tackling the West Side. Soon we'll get through, I'm sure.