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  1. 20 hours ago, ultra112 said:

    It's in the servile warren, but you need the entry baton to gain access to it

    Thanks!  I was able to get it.  I do like that you can level it up, probably not that great of a creature but always enjoyed being able to create them.

  2. I installed Geneforge via steam yesterday on a windows steam.  Played for a few hours yesterday and a little this morning.  A little bit ago the windows defender quarantined a file and detected a 'Win32/Wacatac.DE!ml' trojan error.  The file effected is the 'Geneforge Mutagen.exe'.  I looked online and saw this also happened to people on the steam forum.  There was one thread that had a few responses and the last response is the guy who said he was just going to let it through and see what happens.  As he never came back to post again I can only imagine what happened after he clicked the button.


    I believe that this is just an error on windows defender, but wanted to check here before going down the same fate as the guy on the steam forum.

  3. So, I got this quest after killing the Titan in the Jhereth deeps. I assume that the titan in that area is the one that will have the club. But when I tried to go back and check, both the gates on the outside of the area and the gate inside are closed and I don't know how to open them.


    Is there something I am missing with this area? If this is not where one gets the club I won't bother with the area, but if it is I am stuck.

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