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  1. So a woman in an inn gives you information for money and this is one of them


    "There is a huge temple in upper seleucia. Very nice. Very expensive. Some folks even think there's a treasure hidden inside of it."


    I can't find anything in the temple though. Just an altar, some chairs and a few rooms with nothing worth mentioning. Is there really something there, or did she lie to me?


    As a sidenote: what the hell jeff? Oh my god those wind warriors spawn every turn in that dungeon. I have to deal with one every 2 steps and they like to go for my brittle bones priest. Talk about annoying.


    And what is with those worker zombies that hit 3 times a round for 150 each hit. Not even the vampire boss hits that hard.


  2. So I find an item, "Wizard's hat" with the stats +2 magery +1 resistance. I put the item on my character and his resistance goes up, but his ability to resist things does not, they just stay the same. Putting real skillpoints into resistance is increasing the chance to resist things though..


    Also why does a character with 114% protection from fire still take fire damage?

  3. Does anyone know what this key does?


    I cleared the giant's fortress then found this key in the basement, but it doesn't seem to do anything inside the fortress. I can't find anything about it when searching either.


    And on the left side of the realm of morog there seems to be a cave you can't get to unless you can fly. Does anyone know how to get to this?


    Apparently you see this text if you somehow manage to get to the cave

    "You find the lair of some sort of vicious, carnivorous creatures. Considering the remote location of the lair, you guess that its occupants can fly."


    "Fortunately, the owners are currently absent. There's some gold around, and you see a nice helmet as well."


  4. I'm playing through this a second time and siding with the rebels this time. I found something I didn't find on my first playthrough.


    In stalker's fortress there is a gate with a rune in front of it and if you stand on it, the gate just closes. There is a secret passage near the gate that leads to a basilisk and a load of treasure. 500 coins and mithril chain mail and some other stuff.


    However, as you are walking through the passage quickfire is released and it looks like you have to walk your entire party through 20 steps of quickfire to get out again after getting the treasure.


    Surely there is an easier way to do this and walk through the door or something? Looks like the only way to get it is to have 15 tooluse or strength too.

  5. i see, thank you. Jeff usually does stuff with things like this but I guess he forgot about them or decided not to. Same thing with the soporific herbs and brews in that ogre dungeon with the demon


    I found a secret passage under buzzard in that room with the chair, but it's blocked by an iron gate


    And if you use far sight under willow in the room with the chair you can see there is a secret room, but there doesnt seem to be a way to get to it.


    Does anyone know if its possible to get into either of these?



  6. oh, i see thanks. Its kind of strange how that one altar was the only thing you could use the ritual on in the entire scenario.


    Im finishing the scenario and theres a bunch of stuff I never managed to solve, anyone know anything about these?


    1)A man wandering around the area past the bridge west of muck. Whenever I catch him it says "You see a lone man lightly armed and dressed in a leather jerkin. He sees you. When he does he immediately turns and runs off to the north.


    You try to follow him, but lose him amongst the rubble. You arn't sure where he went.


    I gave myself more nature law and whenever I go near him its the same, I can never catch him.


    2)Wandering swamp monsters south east of the scenario, you can try to talk to them but you dont speak their language. Do these do anything?


    3) Drake in rebel lands. He asks you for information then loses interest in you. Is there anything you can do with him?


    4) You can see an island south east of the scenario near the witches hut and the swamp monsters. Is there any way to get over there?


    5) You can tell a number of people your opinion of the empire and rebels throughout the scenario, does doing so make any difference?

  7. So at the ogre farms I found a demon. When I get him low he works out he is losing and dissapears.


    If I activate my divine abilities I can mow him down before he vanishes and get a nice bracelet.


    Will I meet him again if I let him vanish? I wonder if im missing any story from future encounters by finishing him before he can run.

  8. Quote:
    However Jeff is concerned that new/casual players of the games accidentally wander into areas too difficult for them

    Even WoW allows players to run into high level areas and get killed by a level ?? monster in 2 hits, and more than half of the players in that game are the epitome of new/casual. After doing such a thing what do they do? Go somewhere else.

    It is certainly not some huge problem that requires Jeff to gut the world or go out of business.

    There are many non linear games that are very popular, from morrowind series, to wow, and it is sad to see that an incorrect belief has affected the design of some of his games, as if he thinks that anyone who is not a hardcore gamer will punch the wall, ragequit and sue jeff for his medical bills if they are not forced into a linear world. The "need" for linear gameplay has no basis in reality, and in fact that he makes design decisions around this belief detracts from his games.
  9. Originally Posted By: Lilith
    Avadon is selling far above average for a Spiderweb game, so any simplifications to its gameplay obviously haven't reduced the number of players interested in it.

    Avadon was sold for the ipad, was available at the mac app store and steam too. Jeff's previous games were not, so I don't think you can just attribute increased sales to his new simplified style, when steam alone has opened him up to a much bigger market.
  10. I don't understand that because that even happens in game like WOW, which is full of casual players, where players eventually run into some high level area they are not ready for and die to some level unknown monster.


    They simply get their body and go somewhere else.


    Some zones were bordered with zones that had monsters a good 20-30+ levels than the current one, and I have never heard of players refusing to go somewhere else and just charging to death over and over and ragequitting instead of moving.


    This problem sounds like 1-2 token people getting more attention than is warranted

  11. I don't view any of the spells I mentioned as being useless. Ok, they were not spells you simply spammed every round of the fight, but they certainly contributed to the experience and had their uses.



    If you expect the fight to last a while use poison as it pays off in longer fights

    If you are low on energy use mind duel

    If your fighters are getting surrounded create barriers.

    If there are lots of weak monsters use field spells.


    avernum: Use the exact same spell every round and watch things die.


    As it is now I just use the same spells in every fight in avernum, I mean using the logic presented to keep the avernum spell list, you may as well just have one spell called "spell", which you click every fight and stuff dies when you do.


    That way jeff can free up his time for other things! The spell list definately needs more variety as spamming the same thing over and over to victory every fight is boring. And as others have mentioned spells jeff adds now will be there in future games as he reuses things.

  12. I found myself using the same spells over and over in every fight in avernum.


    In exile I could usually find a use for alot of the spells that got cut from the game like barriers to shape the battlefield, mindduel to steal energy when low, poison if the fight was going to last a while, strategically placed antimagic clouds, etc. Cutting all those spells killed alot of strategy and didn't result in any real benefits.


  13. I can't think of a good reason to just remove all secret rooms because some people don't want to look for them, they never contained anything plot vital anyway.


    Head banging was never the only option to find them. There was always far sight/magic map.


    appreciate the arguments for. But having to creep along walls to find secret doors? No way


    One of the arguments for is you don't have to do that at all...

  14. I can't really think of a good reason to not bring back some of the old spells, I think one of Avernum's biggest weakness over exile was axing lots of spell for seemingly no reason.


    They were fun to experiment with and you could usually find a use for most of them. I was especially fond of mind duel.


    Using the same small spell list over and over is not as fun as having a big selection as you end up just using the same 2-3 every fight due to lack of alternatives.

  15. Quote:
    2) How do the damage spells fare, with increased levels, do they have a better chance of hitting and damage like in geneforge.

    Damage increases, as far as I know they always hit but resistance may reduce damage.

    3)It seems like i am unable to create my own 4 characters, as each time i delete one and create one, they automatically give me and select my skills. Do you have to have this?

    No. See the little up and down arrows near skills? You can press the down arrow to unlearn a skill during party creation to get the skill point spent on it and spend it where you like.

    4)I am going to play as the celts not because i am that background but because i want to play as the underdog and make a group of tiny tanks. Is it possible to make a team that is almost on par meleewise with the romans/spartans?

    If I remember correctly you can make celt characters with respectable melee skills, but they won't be as good as romans at melee due to romans having roman training and celt's strength being magic. Romans also have access to slightly better armor.
  16. Does anyone know what skills can be trained in the official scenarios and the locations of the trainers? I have had no luck finding such a list with the forum search.


    I'm assuming that if you use skill points to level a skill you cant train that skill as much afterwards depending on what level it lets you train to.

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