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  1. After completing the game I have a few questions I was hoping someone knew the answers to.


    1. Is there any purpose for the potions of disguise besides cosmetic? I tried to use them to recruit the Ogres for the warborn quest but that was after I had already caused their sentries to aggro.


    2. Is there a dump of all possible ending text somewhere?


    3. Is there any real use for melee weapons? It seemed my tinker mage easily outclassed my blademaster damage wise by about 2-3x not to mention bladeshield typically being up the entire time for some of the more difficult battles.


    4. What are the mechanics behind enemies turns during some battles? It seems like some enemies (Zhethron and at least 1-2 other major battles) could take up to 4 actions for every turn I took in some battles which was extremely frustrating if a single character was taking all the aggro. Is this specific to torment or does this carry down to normal/hard as well?

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