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  1. None of these are new, nor have I ever tried them in BoA, but here they are anyway.



    Ablis, who is a redcoat for some reason.



    Captain Avernum! Hopefully if you use him as a two-tiled monster it will appear as if he is flying. He is made from the King Micah and Vahnatai Lord graphics; he flies around with his jetpack, presumably dispensing justice.



    The Hallucination. To wit:


    Ogre (?) dying; mage on chair upside down; Nethergate woman with tiny ghouls; cryohydra


    Vahnatai; dying skeleton; inverted carpet; Vahnatai Lord fire


    Book icon; Nephil in rocket-chair; dying Demon Golem; inverted stag statue


    Ceremonial knife; inverted stairway; Trog shaman (BoE); rat (Exile 2 originals)


    Sheep, rotated in various directions, for dying animation.


    Hebrew glyphs for outdoor graphics, with no particular significance.




    A Lena Xao PC graphic. For those of you not familiar, she's the half-space-alien child of the founding father of Aixo (which was once Aizo), rules the country with an iron and genocidal fist, and prefers women. This is a graphic for which there is a universal need.


    Worth it for the adorable cape alone.


    A poison trap that grows when you kill it:





    And a fire trap that just goes off and poofs:




    Originals, although not any good.


    All of these were made in Paint. I've been picking up GIMP, but it's a slow road.

  2. Quote:
    Originally written by Mc 'mini' Thralni:
    Originally written by Kelandon:
    To Thralni's post, I can only react with an enormous *facepalm*.
    And as for my reaction to that, you can see this as one of the major reasons I'm leaving this community. I said that particualir thing as a kind of experiment, to see what the people's reactions would be. It was as always, which disappointed me: intelorant and touchy. Instead of asking "what's wrong, how can we help" and that sort of stuff, its immediatly "facepalm." I know the internet is a vicious place, but still. At least from you guys, who seem intelligent enough (at least the majority) to understand this, you would expect a least a bit support. I guess I was really terribly wrong.

    To clear up any wrong thoughts on that comment I just made, I don't specifically mean the comment made against me, but all these sort of comments directed at many people here. espacially the zer-tolerance scheme people seem to have here against newbs who don't really know how to behave here, is quite stunning, if you ask me.

    Its not only that, actually, its also the fact that when you ask people here what's wrong so you can change your attitude perhaps, all they tell you is "you are a bastard," and they expect you to learn from that. Now, I don't read minds, so teling me this is the must stupid, most irrelevant and idiotic thing to tell me. If you want to piss me off, than answer me this to a question which demands a totally different answer, like: "tell me exactly what is wrong, so I might change it." This community repeatedly failed to answer that question correctly.

    But for the rest, I'll just shut up. My opinion isn't really relevant for the thread, and nobody listens to it anyway, as multiple threads can confirm. Apart from that, I already know this post will also be greeted with a "facepalm," which I think Slartucker (obviously) introduced, although I might be mistaken. The occasional post denoting what is wrong about my grammar will probably also pop-up now and then. I also know people will now chat about this, calling me gay or somthing like that. It depends if Alec or Salmon participates, I guess.

    In all seriousness, you don't seem to be taking offense at anything in particular. What's the problem here? You're more or less tripping over yourself to be pissed off at the rest of us. If that's what you want so bad, go right ahead, but besides a few snide remaks for my own amusement I'm not going to abet you.

    And if this is some kind of pathetic thrash-out for adulation, forget it. You have neither been here long enough nor done enough to merit a committee of fawners begging you to come back. That kind of histrionic garbage certainly won't do anything positive; if you think it's necessary, by all means, see yourself out.
  3. Quote:
    Originally written by Spidweb:
    You can't win an argument with a customer.
    Having to win an argument with a customer is usually a pretty sound sign you're doing something wrong, isn't it?

    I've played and thoroughly enjoyed every Exile title, still love Blades of Exile, and thought Nethergate was magnificent. I appreciated the idea behind A1, because E1 was certainly showing its age at that point.

    I speak for a significant section of your customers - a section, I have noticed, which is a little old (both in maturity and in terms of better things to do) to send emails to gamemakers - when I say that I don't get Geneforge. The way you manage semi-real-time gameplay is inelegant and ugly, and I played A4 only very briefly before having bile rise in my gorge - not only on the plot, which you clearly phoned in (there are a dozen people, plenty of them moderators at your forums, who probably would have furnished better ideas for free), but at the stream from something I like (Avernum, ultimately derived from Exile - some of my favorite games of all time) being crossed with that of something I don't (Geneforge).

    I resent, and I believe the section I speak for resents, the periodic efforts to dumb down your games. The market isn't even pushing towards dumb any more; I don't get why you're doing it. I don't mean dumb in terms of plot; that's at least understandable, because you've had other things on your mind and I don't expect every one to be a winner there. I mean the continual, incomprehensible slide into mediocrity in terms of game mechanics.

    Exile had hundreds of spells, dozens of weapon types [from three inherent weapon classes], and a dozen trainable and modifiable statistics. People are still finding new things to do with BoE (even though it allows very little access to game mechanics!). A4 plays like a lazy fantasy throwaway by a big, heartless developer.

    Note earlier that I said a significant section of your customers. I'm not just a random curmugeon: I'm personally responsible for a couple hundred dollars of your revenue. I would buy a sequel to Nethergate; in fact, I would buy three damn copies. I'd buy an Exile 4. I'd buy another version of Blades. I'd buy something entirely different. I like your games, but the ones I like best - the ones I love - came before you got the idea your target demographic was 10 and under, and swearing and moral ambiguity and having more ways to kill a monster than you could count to using your toes were no-nos.

    Yeah, I'm sure you get letters that say 'Avernum 4 is the best ever'. I'm sure you also get letters thanking you for Homeland: Stone of Night. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to send you email, sir, and just because some of us don't doesn't mean you shouldn't discount us as customers.

    For one thing, we aren't spending our parents' money. :p
  4. To be fair, Mindduel is presented as an exceptionally rare ability with exceptionally strenuous requirements, and I'm pretty sure there isn't but one Ring of Will in the game.


    It's not as if any competent mage can just walk up and mindduel the guy; for one, he's got exceptionally powerful defenses and is one of the better mages around. And for another, the basic impression the game gives is that by achieving a level of skill at which you can defeat Garzahd in a mindduel, you have attained a feat unmatched by any other mage. Sure, they've probably got more overall magical competence than you, but not in minddueling.


    Me, I took Garzahd down with mass Wound, which poses an entirely different set of problems. It could just be that your god(s) can beat up his god(s), and that is that.

  5. Bows have an accuracy based on level and enhanced by bonuses. Arrows have a damage based on level and enhanced by bonuses (ALONG WITH ACCURACY, which means if the choice is between an OK bow with a good bonus and good arrows with an OK bonus, the latter are probably the better bet).


    None of this applies to slings, which behave like normal melee weapons, or thrown missiles, which do as well (in addition to being drained per shot, I mean).

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