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  1. Okay. Number one, this is the wrong forum to be posting such requests. It needs to go to the Avernum Trilogy boards.


    Number two, if you need help, can you be a tad more specific about what part of Avernum 1 you are having trouble with? This way, people can help you out more effectively.

  2. Okay. You make your scenario, correct? Let's say you name it "The Quest" but the filename is "quest". You make a graphics sheet with the same name as the scenario. The first slot, in the upper left hand corner is slot "0". It progresses as you move to the left of your sheet. Read the docs carefully, and it will help you out. If you need help answering something specifically, then please say so.

  3. We were talking in class the other day about the story of Orpheus. My teacher gave a broad explanation of Hades, and the Greeks' idea of death. If memory serves, he mentioned that the cave leading to the underworld was called "Avernus." I think this has some connection to Avernum. "Brilliant, Eintein!" I know that is what most of you are thinking. I just wondered if everyone else knew this, or if everyone didn't.

  4. I think that Johnney Favourite was an interesting scenario that sort of ties in with the new type of scenario. There was absolutely no battle, so it's purpose was to tell a story. It seems sort of parallel to Roots, and NTH in a way. Those scenarios seemed like their purpose was to tell a story instead of making an adventure. I don't know if this was the intent of the designers or not, but it seemed like that to me. So maybe the new type of scenario is more of a storytelling device than anything else. Combat seemed to help the telling of the story. I don't know where I am going with all of this. Just trying to keep the topic alive. There has not been a worthy topic since Shyguy's "Thuroughly Disgusted".

  5. What I think would be interesting is to balance hack n' slash with the tactical combat. I mean, it is kind of fun, sometimes, to fight masses of montsters and get treasure, but it seems more fufilling to actually WORK at killing someone.


    Or, you could just use the editor :p

  6. It seems there is a new breed of scenarios emgerging. Maybe it is just the aging of BoE, I don't know.

    It seems that more thoughtful combat is being implemented. That is a main factor. More fusing of puzzle and battle. You can't just swing at the "boss" hoping to hit and kill him, which is the norm in most scenarios.


    Roots and NTH are the two main scenarios that come to mind when I think of this new breed.


    If this is the way BoE scenarios are going to be created, what does everyone think about this?

  7. Actually, I am starting in town 0. I had fully edited it, and it was just about complete. I would not really worry if I was not going to use it. There were no random monsters, however. If there were, I did not see them because I would take one step out in the town and be taken outside.


    I am just wondering if this is a common bug, like the one you mentioned ADoS, or if there is something wrong with my computer.


    Thankfully, I had sent the latest versioin to Kelandon, and he sent it back to me, so I have recovered all the lost information. This will teach me to save backups more frequently.

  8. Alright. I was editing a town in my scenario. Town number 1. I went in to play it, and it put me in the default town, Town number 0. However, when I enter the town, it is completely black. There is some cave floor, and some adobe porticuli. I take one step, and it throws be out of the town. Not only that, but the town name was changed to something like %#&!. I went into the editor, and as soon as I started to edit the town terrain, it gave me an error message. It said I could close the program, or ignore the problem. If I ignore it, then it closes the editor anyway.


    I am on XP.

  9. Quote:
    I don't think doing this in BoE would be a good idea. I mean, who is aroused by 2-D women in skimpy clothing?

    I think that there should be something like a real estate office, or a casino or something. But how would you make a casino?
  10. What do people really want to see in towns? Sure, there are shops, there is a bar, and there might be something you need to do in order to progress the plot. But what can you put in a town that makes it different from the rest?

  11. I have a question about stealing things. I want to make a small room with things you can steal, however, there is nobody in the room, so you can steal it without the town getting mad at you. How do I do this? I thought about putting in invisible monster in the walls, but it won't stay there, it just wanders off. And I don't have anough room in the room to put a monster and put barriers around it. How do I fix this problem? Without setting a trap?


    Can anyone give information about stealing in general?

  12. I have never tried it, but if you kill an important figure in the game, don't you get killed yourself? I mean, not in battle but after you acutally kill him wouldn't you get a message saying something like this:


    "You strike Micah down, but the whole of the town guard come rushing in, and in a matter of moments you are all dead."


    I think something like that would happen....

  13. I am wondering if any of the community is still making custom graphics. I am in need of a monster graphic, and I was wondering if anyone is willing to make one for me. I would like a male human, with a cloak and a sword. I saw the elven hunter graphic, and I would like one like that, but a little different.

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