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  1. Thanks, i didn't really play around with the toolbar at the top, so I didn't notice the hints.


    I Don't really want to change my party, i like diversity and if its not suicide to play the game with the one I already have, then i'd like to simply tweak there stats instead of give everyone spells.


    I must have wandered too far, i never noticed anything like goblins yet, simply been running into bandits, which are a -lot- harded in Blades of Exile than they were in Avernum 3. Also came across a bunch of Ogres already, and that was crazy for my starting out party.

  2. I'd have to say the Slime plague. Its most visible in its devestation on the surrounding area, and the NPC's have some great stories about previous slime invasions. I remember a scripted event or two where slimes oozed through the cracks in town's walls and the soldiers rushed out to meet them on the "Field of Battle"


    Of course, other plagues might be just as 'Colorful' But i never got too far into Avernum/Exile 3 without cheating. And when I cheat, i don't talk to NPC's or really explore my environment, its just a killfest.

  3. I attempted the first two scenarios you get with the registered version of Blades of Exile, and i can't seem to make a dent in any monsters. Of course, my parties are created the second i start the scenario so that may be the problem.


    I was under the impression however, that even starter parties should do well in the first scenario. Am i wandering too far, and totally missing the newbie area? Can someone point this out to me if this is the case?


    My party consists of 1 sword using warrior, 1 bashing using warrior, 1 polearm using warrior, a thief/archer, priest, and a mage finally.


    Any decent character build guides? Not sure if im spending points right either.

  4. I used to own Avernum 3 on my old and relatively crappy computer, and found it quite enjoyable. I've played the demo of Blades of Exile even longer before and found it very different.


    My real question is, being used to Avernum, will buying blades of Exile cause me to learn the system all over, or will it be strangely familiar, if somewhat outdated?


    Id prefer to buy BoE over BoA because of the multitude of Scenarios available, along with the floating idea around the boards that the BoE editor is somehow better, therefore allowing for better scenarios.

  5. Korojutsu, im positive you mistook what Ben meant. I believe he was saying that He could always make one scenario for Blades of Exile, then the next scenario he made could be for Blades of Avernum. He said absolutely nothing about transferring scenarios between the two

  6. This happens with all the Avernum games i own, namely everyone but Exiles of Avernum, which i will correct when it comes out wink


    When i go to save the game, by clicking the disk icon on the lower toolbar, then clicking "Save Game" on the popup menu, sometimes it doesnt work


    Oh the confirmation message comes up "Game Saved" But it usually isnt true.


    I could go off to dinner, come back to load my game and i just lost 40 minutes of work. Does this happen with other people, or is it some Computer/Game issue that just i have

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