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  1. Chronological Order seems to make the most sense, thanks for the link to that.


    I haven't played through many of the Terror Martyr scenarios, but that dude's a mad scientist.


    The canopy one was very different, but fun. The bow and sword I picked up in that scenario saved me dozens of times in the Bahssikava scenario.


    Looks like the next scenario is Roses of Reckoning, made by the same guy lol.

  2. Hi,


    This is actually my first post on these forums but I've played through the Geneforge series and was curious to try and play Blades of Avernum.


    I played Blades of Exile forever ago, so the only scenario I remembered was Valley of Dying Things. Playing through that scenario sparked some motivation in me to try all 4 scenarios that it came with.


    Those didn't last long so I found this site hosted by a "Tyranicus" and downloaded basically every scenario on there.


    I've been motivated enough to create a spreadsheet detailing completion of each scenario and how I felt about it.




    I've got basically all of them on hand (z indicates a completed scenario)




    What I want to know is if there's any preference to what order some people tend to play through the scenarios?


    I like to try and keep a party intact going through multiple scenarios, but my main party is currently on Level 65 and I've started playing with a single player party in some of the other scenarios.


    Appreciate any feedback!

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