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  1. Quote:
    Originally written by Prometheus:
    Originally written by Wanderer:
    But....I finished. The fights with R-I and Dorikas are definitely the most tactically challenging in all the games from E1 onward.
    Oh, look. Someone who hasn't played BoX.
    Definitely hasn't fought San-Racku.
  2. The Seventh Plague was updated to 1.0.6 but it's not uploaded yet, although you'd probably be better served to not put it up at all. =P


    BTW, I'm currently working on a new scenario for BoA which I'm hoping will turn out much better. This one actually has a sensable plot, so I'm thinking it'll be playable.

  3. Ok, this one really has me stuck. I'm in Yendys, and I have the trap prepared and I have found 8 pieces of straw. I've tried covering it with all 8 pieces, but I still get killed (Even though I know I could kick his ass with my Invulernable spell and my 2 Baleful Fasces. If it would actually let us fight :p )

  4. Ok, I killed the Margoyles, now I'm on the Slith Castle and I can't figure out the Slith Dance. I've read every Slith Dance topic here and at the Lyceum but can't figure it out. Can anyone tell me the directions, not just what the numbers represent?

  5. Quote:
    Originally written by ben4808:
    As far as I'm concered, people should submit everything to Alex. Faster service = more people playing sooner.

    I think BoE is going to be fine, even with the existence of BoA.
    I sure hope so, because I only have access to BoE also.
    *Snickers* You know, you could always register. I'm currently working on 2 scenarios, one for BoE and one for BoA. Well, 3 if you count that I'm gonna port the one for BoE to BoA. If I feel like it. So it might just be 2. Ah, what the hell, I doubt they'll both get finished. But the one for BoE is going pretty well.
  6. Having some problems with my scenario...


    1st of all, it's not changing from day to night. It starts at night and stays that way. Also, my other problem is that dialogue doesn't work. I get everything set up but when I set somebody's personality they still can't talk.

  7. Whenever I left and returned, the NPC was in line, he just didn't follow. Here is my code.


    My Init_State in the Town Data file:


    beginstate INIT_STATE;


    // This state called whenever this town is entered.



    This is the Talk-Node to join the group.


    begintalknode 2;

    state = 1;

    nextstate = -1;

    question = "We heard you might be interested in coming with us on our journey. Want to join us?";

    text1 = "_Finally!_ He yells. _You have no idea how boring it is sitting in this lab all day studying hydras._ Of course, I'll come!";

    text2 = "_I would, but I think you can handle it alone._";

    code =

    if (add_char_to_party(6) == FALSE) {


    } else {





    For the NPC's script I used basicnpc. Anything else I need to do?

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