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Avernum 5-Party for first playthrough

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After finishing avernum 6 I am going to play Avernum 5 and I would like ask some things about the party I plan to use:


First character:

Slith polearms user investing in blademaster and parry,  the trait is elite warrior and I do not know if I should add pure spirit (for some priest spells), divine touch or none


Second character:

Slith priest developing polearms, priest spells, spellcraft and magery, no blademaster or parry, maybe anatomy and lethal blow. Traits: elite warrior and pure spirit. Is it a good character? should I use another skills or traits?


Third character:

Human priest/mage: easy, pure spirit and natural mage, skills: mage and priest spells with spellcraft and magery


Fourth character:

Human mage: nimble fingers and natural mage using mage spells and tool use.


Is it a good party or will I find hard problems at some point in the game?


Many thanks.

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The amount of min-maxing needed depends on the chosen difficulty. If you play on easy or normal, anything can work. But if you play on Torment, some thoughts should be put in.


Imo, if played with 4 characters (which I never do), I'd go with:


1) An Elite warrior-based tank Slith with either Divinely Touched (or a disadvantage, if you are a man.)

2) A Nephil archer with Deadeye and Divinely Touched. Also pump up Arcane and Nature Lore to him.

3) A Slith Natural Mage-based mage with either Divinely Touched (or a disadvantage, if you are a man.). Quite self-explanatory. Add some Arcane and Nature lore.

4) A Priest. As Priests don't have armor limitations, pretty much anything goes. Perhaps Pure Spirit and Strong Will.


But as silly as it sounds, I'd go with 3 party members only, and combine 3/4 or 2/4.

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