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Wind Wolf

runed doors

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I am sure this has been asked but I used search and could not find it. Is there a list of the runed doors? Now that I have the athame, I want to go looking. Thank you for any help, WW.

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If you go to the Synergizer item list (accessible through strategy central) and Command/Control-F (i.e. find command) "runed athame" it will list all of them. Here's the ones listed on there:


-SW of Avadon floor 2 (Redbeard's floor).

-SE of Avadon dungeon (secure cells area).

-SW of Oghrym'Tor south ring lower level.

-N of Moritz'Kri's tower, lower level.

-N of Beraza pits, Zhossa Mindtaker's lair.

-SE of Bandit roads, Incantor Manon's area.


I think that's all of them.

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