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    There are two scarabs which can cure this, though I don't recall where and when you get them in-game: one cures two mental statues and another cures just two random statues. Also, Triumphant Roar l.3 can fix it. Recovery won't work btw, since it is applied only on the same person as with the ability, and you can't control it when it's charmed.
  2. Dicetrain, While you make a very good point, you'll find out that Redbeard runs Avadon in ways that are guaranteed to awake unnecessary resentment (and enemies) from inside and outside Avadon. By the end game, the game will try to beat you over the head with examples, some defensible and some very much not. Click to reveal.. (Endgame spoilers) How did Redbeard ever think employing someone like Miranda in such a position was safe??? And there's the entire plot-against-avadon where it seems nearly everyone outside the Pact and a fair portion of people inside knew in advance... By the end one wonders whether Avadon could do with new management which doesn't like to create unnecessary fights (or at least, is willing and capable to crush its enemies throughly enough for them not to cause so much trouble). As for your 'comrades', yea they're whiners, but almost all of them are in a way doing something Avadon would have done eventually (or in a certain case, something Avadon would have done and is in your interest except maybe for that thing the Hand didn't know about). I didn't think losing a Hand over being overeager was justified, so I was happy to help them. All of them except Shima, Click to reveal.. who is dragging you into his private revenge, and whom I'd told to get lost if it wasn't for videogame completionist 'logic'. @House of S, others: Didn't think of rushing to Hellhound early-game (at the time, didn't know it could breathe every two rounds) - that's a good idea. But still, even at the difficulty I was playing, summoning seemed redundant by mid/late-game - the bait role could be played by scarab/wand of calling/ almost as well, while the pet's damage is negligible. Given that there's no skill for the Shaman's archery damage, and that there are certain annoying cases of immunities to Shaman magical damage by the end, the class still seems a bit weak, and playing one must be a special challenge on Torment... I do find it odd no one else was bothered by the dungeon design. I usually think complaints about 'linearity' are massively overdone, but Avadon was a pretty bad case by the end (complete with the cliche of sending stronger and stronger opponents until fighting with the big bad several times. I'm willing to stomach that once or twice per RPG, not several times in a row. Didn't anyone in the Pact or outside ever read the Evil Overlord List??). [Edit: and another interface annoyance: Not being able to click on the TAB mini-map to direct the party (at least) near a location. It would been more comfortable than the other map]
  3. Hi, I've just finished Avadon as a Shadowwalker on Normal/Hard difficulty (started as Normal later switched to Hard), and thought I could share my impressions. Where I'm coming from: I played Exile 3, BoE and one or two Geneforges in the past. Didn't read the FAQ or Strategy Central so far (will do after writing this [Edit: but the edits are after reading those]). The game was bought on humblebundle and run on Linux, so some of the bugs may be specific to that arch. The Good: An interesting skill system which requires choices and allows some variety. Map design makes it clear that people live in certain places without being too busy (e.g. extra homes but not too many). Was interesting enough to play for several days. The Bad: Simple and predictable dungeon/map design. Most dungeons have one or two ways around them. The somewhat sneaky way and the brute force way. Not much use for stealth most of the time. (Btw, on old Exile/Geneforges you could sometimes choose which direction you entered from - I was surprised to see this removed, but it didn't bug me too much). More sequences like the flooding in Jhareth could add variety (but see bugs below). Should have methods for a secret door than the red buttons. The fights', well, structure (which is related to the above issue). A lot of dungeons revolve around single fights with mini-boss(es) followed by another fight with mini-bosses until the fight with the big boss. Leaving aside it makes the enemies look stupid, this is pretty boring especially as the enemies there are typically trivial and boring, but don't die that quickly. [**] These two issues are an enormous turn-off. To give an example, the Titan camp fight is fun aboveground, but the dungeon below is boring and annoying. Most of the tower of a certain Wizard is even more annoying. etc. Some bugs (possibly special/specific to Linux version from humblebundle): The raise stats screen is somewhat annoying: Can't see equipment pluses when skill points are available. Can't see/use available skill points when stat points haven't been allocated. Can't undo specialization choice without canceling the entire screen, health addition aren't visible right away when they are a result of increasing a specialization (but changing any skill will make the health addition visible), etc. Yevner can leave the party before you open the gate in the Wretch Warrens if you go too far to the right in the upper map. IIRC, there's a barrel in that fort which isn't placed right. It isn't clickable and there's some stuff below it (get works). I suspect the intent was to use the clickable barrel (not the small one) and place the stuff in the ground in it. One can skip entirely the village in Dhara Stead when going to kill off the Lord (3rd visit). Just go to the left and choose the fort. The fort should really be taken off the map until you manage to cross the village, since otherwise the entire effect of being forced to kill some people there is missed. Harua in the Shima subquest can be abused a bit: Kill off/fight the defence without alerting him too early (can be done with missiles). When he starts to walk towards the party walk back. Harua will follow - without the two sorcerers (IIRC) which accompany him. You can then fight him alone and later the wizards alone (they'll start moving towards you when you start fighting with Harua, but you should have enough time to finish him off). Going off the suggested route in the Beraza Deep Woods can create a weird issue. It goes like this: Do it normally until after the encounter with the 'Wayfairer'. Go down in the tunnel and get to the anvil location. Then try to go north past the Elite warrior squad. Sometimes the squad will notice you but freeze in place - this will now happen with the viscount too if you go north. Once you quaff something or enter combat mode the fight will start (with everyone out to get you). There are two chests in the end of Castle Vebeaux fight which have the same note from Dheless. One requires going through a door using lockpicks and another requires pushing a 'secret' button in the Duke's room. Finding the note in one makes the other empty. Not sure if the lockpicked one really counts when talking to Redbeard later. Redbeard's dialogue assumes Miranda is a traitor even if you haven't told him this when he asks you about it. Not all medals being visible/awarded? I killed Beloch and finished the game on Hard. I guess I should have started the game on Hard also to get these medals? [Edit: Ah, so it uses lowest setting used in game...] Also, not all medals from textcheevos.txt are visible ('Shadow of the Woods', 'Pay your respects' and a few others should definitely have been awareded at the very least but they're not). Are these disabled or is this a bug? Two crashes during playthrough. One case I remember was when crossing the flooding sequence in Jhareth. Don't recall exact sequence, but possibly it didn't like me doing it entirely in combat mode? Other notes: There are some sudden jumps in difficulty, e.g. the fights in the 3rd Kellem visit (after being run out from the castle) are trivial until you get to Viscount Varoche and a much harder fight. No medal for killing all the bandits in the bandit cave without using Harua's key? Tinier acheivements get a medal. No medal for doing all quests? (based on reading textcheevos). Shaman summoning is probably too weak. Only one pet, and a weak one most of the time. By the time one gets Drakes, they don't impact that much either. Perhaps the entire class is weak, but to test that I should try a more destruction focues Shaman. Redbeard fight would probably be easier if I played a Sorcerer. Very doable with this char though, once right strategy was figured out. Maybe will try to figure out what all the inventions are useful for (if they are). I understand what the Blink Pants are useful for [Edit: They can be used to get around the anti-stealing rune in a certain Dragon's library. Apparently the 'real' solution is different. Oh, well] (though not quite understanding why the teleport scarab doesn't also work for that one), and the Wand of Many Guises should be hilarious (I somehow lost it before testing it). Wonder if the Reproducing Block is useful for something...