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  1. slyH, your theory is correct, I had the same happen to Shigaz when he used the ability. Had to replay the battle until i managed to kill everyone without it happening.
  2. Good detective work, I didn't think of that. I wonder if I could kill him fast enough so he does not get to usethe ability.
  3. Thanks for the response. He disappears without any dialog. Seems like a glitch. You mentioned a special item - is there an item I need for this quest?
  4. Killing Shunacha does not trigger whatever is supposed to happen next. Nathalie does not speak, and the Drake does not appear on the main floor. I have killed Shunacha countless times now, sometimes first, sometimes after the golems and the shielding spirits. Sometimes he dissapears while I am fighting the spirits. Sometimes I can kill him with one blow after killing the first spirit. I even reloaded to an earlier point in the game, before visiting the Trail of the Drake. Once I got to him, I still had the same bug. About to abandon the quest, please help.
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