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  1. Thanks, Slartibus! Now that I understand, I got it to work.
  2. In Avernum 2, I have returned Jekknol-Bok and Caffren-Bok to the Shrine.of Crystals. When I talk to Wilvron-Bok to ask him to teach me a spell for rescuing them, he only says I need to "learn more about magic". I think he's referring to my Arcane Lore, but I don't know how much more I need. Each character (out of 4) has Sage Lore. 4 x 3 levels of Arcane Lore = 12 Arcane Lore My individual characters have: 1 + 1 + 2 + 3 = 7 Arcane Lore This should give my party a total of 12 + 7 = 19 Arcane Lore, but he won't teach me a spell. Am I misunderstanding how Sage Lore/Arcane Lore work? Or does Wilvron-Bok use a different stat? Thanks!
  3. The description says it reduces damage, but does anyone know how that's quantified? That is, does it reduce a certain number of points/level, or a certain percentage of damage per level, or something else?
  4. This was the problem. I was installing off my old, old, old Avernum 2 CD. When I install from the new Avernum 2 - Crystal Souls demo link, it works fine. The graphics and skill tree are so much better that I'll just go with the new version and plunk down the $20 for the full version. Thanks!
  5. In Avernum 2, I create a party and click done. I go to the next screen that describes the Empire invading and click the mouse. I then go the next screen ("The power of the Empire completely dwarfed . . .") and click the mouse when the screen says click the mouse to continue. Then I get the rolling cursor (used to be the rotating hourglass). There's no error - the game just hangs. The OS is Windows 8.1. Please tell me if there's other information you need.
  6. I can see my attributes (Str/Dex, etc.) and the levels inside each skill group (Combat/Magic/Shaping/General) by clicking on the ? next to my character. But I can't see my abilities (e.g. Levels of Firebolt, or levels of Create Fyora). I didn't have this problem in Geneforge 2, so I doubt it's my computer.
  7. I honestly looked in the forum, and couldn't find this topic. If I have, for example, a Thinking Cap and a Mage's Bracelet, do they each increase my mage spellpower? Or is it just the strongest one, and the weaker one doesn't stack?
  8. Thanks. I uninstalled Avernum 6 with Add/remove Programs, rebooted, reinstalled it, rebooted, and I still get the same error message. A previous save file does not have this problem (plays normally). So the problem looks to be with the save file. Can someone from Spiderweb tell me what to do with the save file?
  9. In Avernum 6, whenever I pass through a town or click on a non-hostile, I get a message: "Talking error: Dialogue script broken or absent." , and the dialogue window does not appear. I have exited the game, rebooted, and gone back in, but keep getting the error. I'm playing with Windows XP on a Dell, with the version of Avernum 6 that I downloaded a couple of weeks ago from the main website. It looks like my next step is to uninstall/reinstall Avernum 6. But before I do, I have two questions: 1. I got the key for this when I called Spiderweb last week. If I reinstall, do I need to re-register? If so, how do I get my key back? 2. How do I save my save file? Or is it not affected by the uninstall? Thanks, Steve Geller
  10. I'm in the Sentinel Workshop right before the confrontation with the Prime Sentinel. The thing is, I've been trying to escape from the workshop for the last hour. The game's already killed my archer, and I have a fighter, mage, and a cleric left, and only a few magic points. Even on Easy, once I walk in, the Prime Sentinel fries my party with lightning before I can get its drones to attack it. And, unfortunately, all my save files are inside the workshop, so I can't escape by reverting. I don't want to have to use the editor to bump up my characters' stats so I can play in God mode, I just want to escape so I can come back when the party is better prepared. Is there a way to use the editor to get out of the workshop?
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