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  1. Thanks everyone for your help, I finally got through it.
  2. ive tried looking around dwn there with little avail.
  3. Hey, I'm currently stuck in the valley od dying things. I've currently got the instruction things I got off Pangle, the stone from the vahnatai and the stone from the spiders, and I can't seem to remember where to go from there. I have finished it on BoE but I can't seem to remember what I did.
  4. Im playing Roman. That and I couldn't find any hints in that guide either.
  5. I seem to be stuck In Annwn. A statue is asking me a riddle that I cant answer and it wont let me pass. Anyone have any hints?
  6. I've got myself all the way up to where Vyvnas Bok is being held in Angierarch, and it tells me I need to find someone needs to tell me how to get him out of the vahnatai barriers. Spoilers please?
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