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  1. thanks a lot for your answers. one more question please can romans learn break barrier spell or is only way to remove barries with piercing crystals? with limited number of crystals, i guess i should carefully choose which barriers are worth breaking i have craft circle at level 4 atm. 1 level bought from Moira i think and 3 levels from Crones scroll. edit: i've now found sylak wisdom stone or something (looks like amber). any use for it?
  2. a) what is sylak mortar & pestle good for? anyone have a list of all sylak items and what are they used for? (not locations of them) c) is first aid skill any good when playing singleton? d) is there anywhere i can buy levels in war circle skill as roman?
  3. Thank you. Are there any common items in larger quantity needed that i should keep for some quest later in game? Like scrolls, gems or some equipment.
  4. Hello, while i'm veteran Avernum and Geneforge series player, i've never played Nethergate before. Out of fun i'd like to start with single character only (never tried it in Avernum), but unfortunately don't have time anymore to replay it couple times to test different skilling ways. So, can someone please recommend me on which skills to focus to make most out of game. Also, i really like power gaming, so on which skills i shouldn't waste skillpoints before buying at trainers? I plan to play on normal or tough difficulty level (both roman and celt). Thanks for any tip.
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