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  1. Jib

    New Trainer!

    You replace or rename the testingdlg file and click on the obilisk
  2. Jib

    New Trainer!

    My Trainer Has bean released! you can get it from http://www.angelfire.com/ns2/thralni0/otherstuff.html it's quite a powerful editor It's my first editor so if its not so great then don't get too agro
  3. Jib

    Editing The Game

    Abbadon is reprogramming the game maybe he will add new quests and items
  4. If you desperately what Item lists then look in your gforscen script text docuement it does tell you them more towards the end
  5. Has anyone ever edited the game to add new quest and new items and stuff like that?
  6. Jib

    New Trainer!

    I'v messaged you the details Emperor Thralni
  7. I've edited an editor made by Croikles edited by hawk king edited again by green kid then I edited it was originaly one for geneforge 2 but i have edited it to work in geneforge 3 I'm currently looking for some one to host it on there site
  8. Which side you choose depends on what type of person you want to look like in the game if you want to look like a hero be a rebel but if you want to be a evil genius then be a shaper
  9. It sound a bit desperate for cheats to reprogram the game but it's a good idea anyway
  10. I used to Know a really good Trainer Maker named Xixao but he's disapeared he made a good one for averum 3 and a great one for geneforge 2
  11. If you want to stock pile stuff find and empty barrel or something and stockpile it there thats what I did
  12. I agree with the obeyers they owe shapers Or i agree with myself meaning kill every 1 he he he he he
  13. Another thing I would like is you can merge creations and you can create serviles
  14. My thoughts are your creations can carry thing wear armour ect and that your creations have a better choice of skills
  15. My thoughts is that it is I have to resist Playing Geneforge2
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