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  1. 1 hour ago, TM Paladin said:

    The whole item list and equipment mechanics are very different from Exile, so it's hard to compare individual items and shop lists.


    But the "random selection" shops that could have amazing top-tier magic items for sale are definitely not a thing anymore.  It's just fixed inventory for all merchants now.



    That is sad. Like I was so surprised when I discovered Stormport. I guess I will stick with the original exile 3 then. Thankfully I managed to finally run exile 3 properly without the horrible DOSBOX lag and issues.

  2. I just found out about the awesome stormport shop and I swear I saw a mithral armour of some sort that goes for a 1000+ gold in the original Exile 3. I was wondering if it actually still occurs in Avernum 3 and Ruined World or they have been nerfed in the remakes?


    Also I was wondering if those stores actually restock or change their selection after some time in Exile 3?

  3. 12 minutes ago, Minion said:

    The solution is simple: magic portals connecting everything and everyone across time and space.


    I was actually thinking along the lines of this.


    I trust that if there is someone who can take the best characters, places and features from all his games and put it in to something coherent then it is definitely Jeff.


    Another part of me kinda wish Jeff pulls a daggerfall by squishing all his games in one universe and you can go around and quest on it all in one go.

  4. What I mean by this is let's say when Jeff will retire, he will make the biggest game he will ever make by combining all the characters and settings and the best features of all the games he ever created. How feasible would it be for him to do this and link the world and its lore to each game series together? (Avernum, Avadon, Geneforge, Queen's Wish, heck even Nethergate).  I am actually curious if he ever thought of crossing over his games. 

  5. 18 hours ago, Celtic Minstrel said:

    The last part is easy - Exile I and II with updated graphics can be downloaded right from Spiderweb's site.


    For running the Exile trilogy in an emulator, I've found it works pretty good in Basilisk II (using the Mac version); for me this works better than DOSBox (using the Windows version). Unfortunately, getting Basilisk II set up is probably even harder than DOSBox+Win3.1…


    I can barely wrap my head around the concept of running it in DOSBOX. I guess if I can just find the solution to the black borders of the ready to play DOSBOX version then I should be fine. I saw youtubers play with screens that also display the map but with the copy I found, they don't fit unless it covers the other parts of the screen.

  6. I was wondering if someone can help me find a download of Exile 3 in particular that works out of the box without jumping through hoops. I really want to play the game and the download that I got for a DOSBOX copy of it is a bit derpy . The keyboard seems to be disabled at times and shortcuts don't work. Will greatly appreciate it if I can also get any help finding the versions of Exile 1 and 2 with the updated graphics.


    Any help that could make me run Exile 3 will be appreciated. 

  7. 16 hours ago, Randomizer said:

    The plots are the same without too much new material added compared to other remakes. It is mostly differences in the game engines. Exile gives you the six member party, Avernum allows you to replace party members with recruited members found in certain places, and the Avernum remake has improvements including battle disciplines and the junk bag.


    I grew up on Exile 3 and enjoyed playing it just because of all the little things missing in the remakes. As long as it works, then play it.


    Welcome to Spiderweb Software. Pleases leave any remaining sanity at the door. It'll help with any future conflicting advice. :)


    That's the thing! Each engine has its pros and cons. I have been enjoying the nethergate engine on Avernum 3 while the new Ruined World Engine seems to be the best work Jeff has done yet and it sorts of give me a different perspective to the same events. Plus I would assume he added some more lines in boss fights and whatnot. I don't remember the goblin chief talking to me or calling out the bones in the middle of the fight. Lastly the complicated spell list is what makes me want to get in to Exile 3.


    I really am stumped as to what to prioritise right now. 


    Oh by the way, I got the GOG avernum 3 copy and I was wondering if it is a bug when I click the ? on the spell trainer menu and it doesn't open the description list similar to the one from the item list.

  8. I fell in love with Spiderweb software games after playing EFTP on my ipad. I have been sitting on other games here and there but never truly got in to it and understood til finishing EftP.


    I finished both Eftp and Crystal souls and I am ready to move on to the third one. I got a problem though. I kinda started to like Avernum 3 and played until finishing the slime plague. I also fired up Ruined World last night on my ipad and finally got out to the surface. I managed to also get a dosbox wrapped copy of Exile3. It may derp out a bit but it seems playable.


    Now my question is which should I play? I am really torn between A3 and Ruined world but also kinda want to go and play exile 3.


    Any advice? I am leaning towards Exile 3 and Avernum 3 though. They might be old but man they really immerse me. 

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