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  1. GF5 is in the middle of gigantic conflict that is tearing apart the world. I remember the GF2 ending being that you are imprisoned by shapers then get freed in a prisoner exchange and spend the rest of your life fighting shapers in a conflict where neither side can progress. I meant co-exist as in peaceful co-existence.
  2. Wow the quality of discussion on this forum is amazing. Just to address a couple of things though with my POV on them. I agree that would be a one sided approach for most people but I think that is kind of needed as it is a decidedly black and white story for the shapers if you roleplay a realistic personality in Geneforge 3. The argument of the Shapers is primarily that any nastiness is justified by the absolute need to keep shaping and the shaped under control. that The PC of GF3 first experiences the rebellion is of his school being destroyed. Then the PC sees nothing
  3. I am playing through the Geneforge series again and just completed 3 as a rebel. Number 1 and 2 are my favourites but I could never get into 3. I think storyline wise it is annoying to me that the most interesting dynamic of the story is in the background IMO. The serviles are rebelling and taking over settlements but the character is never really a part of it even though that is arguably the most interesting struggle going on. I think if when the character went rebel they actually saw servile families being able to escape from slavery or if they went shaper they saw escapees rounded up and ex
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