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  1. Well, I tried clearing a few more areas, coming back each time, but so far it still won't spawn.
  2. I tried exiting and re-entering the area a few times and it did spawn once, but when I had it down to ~1% health it suddenly changed targets and one shot me 🙄 (The last time it did less than a quarter of my health, never seen one before so I didn't know better.) Since then I've been trying to get it to spawn again for the past hour and it won't. I've tried entering the area from different places, reloading to an earlier save, even exiting and reloading the game and THEN reloading an earlier save, but nothing seems to work. Maybe I was just extremely lucky that time it spawned because there's a 1 in 10,000 chance it will spawn or some ridiculously low chance, but I'm guessing there's a trigger I'm somehow not activating or that somehow the game has decided it already spawned even though I reloaded to a save where it never had. I've even tried looking at the files to see if there's a way to edit the spawn chance, but I couldn't make sense of it if there is.
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