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  1. Hey all, Playing through Avernum 6 for the first time. I'm wondering if maybe I just suck at decision making and put my points/items in the wrong place, or something else. I've hit a point in the game where almost every sidequest is really difficult. I almost always go out to a quest and then get 1-2 shot by whatever monster I'm supposed to be disposing. https://imgur.com/a/qNkz93W Here are all of my stats and items for my characters. I'm approximately level 13 on all of them. Should I just ignore the side quests and keep on with the main story? I hit the part where I have to go talk to the dragon for the first time, but I wanted to clear out my (huge) quest list, but I'm having a lot of trouble doing most of them. Some are easy, like the claim check quest, and others seem to be impossible, like X's quest. Any advice would be very welcome!
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