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  1. I ended up just saving a local copy of the map pages at work and changing all the links. Now I can use the site on my home computer. I have no idea why it would not work at home. I can get to siths-gone-wild.com, meet-celts-in-your-area.com, and other SpiderWeb related site with no problems. A big howdy to Melbourne. My wife is from there. Reservoir area. Very nice city.
  2. And now that I am at home and not at work, it stops working again. Grrr....
  3. And now it works. I tried multiple times in the last few days and always got errors. Sigh...
  4. The keepersofavadon.com website seems to be dead. ☹️ Does anyone have backups of the maps, files, and other info? I would love to see maps with NPC and quest locations marked. And secret door switches. No "u" key to use nearby items, so much harder to spot them.
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