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  1. I understand about mouse hovering over weapons and gear. It was the traits applied to the overall picture, aka min maxing, that I was hoping to see a full screen of different stats. Based upon what I'm reading, there isn't. Which is fine, just wished it had it. Thank you all for the info.
  2. Same thought process, it's hard to min max my characters as a lot of the data is hidden, would love to see exact data for everything to achieve it.
  3. Unless I'm just not seeing it correctly, I'm looking for a screen of stats for each of my characters. All I see when clicking on the stats is their resists. Is there a screen or a way to bring up Hit Ratio, percentage to hit with current gear, spell damage modifiers, etc.
  4. I'm just right behind you, so sorry for trying to hijack thread, but I'm stuck on the console in the basement, walkthrough describes a vertical button console of 6 buttons, but I have a horizontal 5 button console. So I watched how the runes move, but I can't figure out what the right position is.
  5. Thanks, still couldn't find it, but remembered sewers had another ladder, climbed right into her house that way.
  6. I get the quest to go kill the roaches from her house, travel to Shayder. Travel to the southwest house on the map, get attacked by the roaches, clear the house out, and travel back to Nell. All Nell does is ask for help, but doesn't finish the quest. Any ideas? Is quest broken?