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  1. Mouse movement issues (Did I apply Microsoft ACT correctly)? Geneforge 1 Windows 7 Professional SP1 Intel i7-4770 64-Bit OS 16 GB RAM GeForce GTX 970 Logitech Gaming Mouse G600 1920 x 1080 @60Hz (this is my native res) Downloaded via Steam No Mods for this game No cheat programs verified game download via steam read both of the following threads Geneforge 1-3 extremely sluggish (XP 32 bit, Steam versions) http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/19424-geneforge-1-3-extremely-sluggish-xp-32-bit-steam-versions/ Avernum 4 slowdown issues (suggested fix included in thread) http://spiderwebforums.ipbhost.com/topic/22005-avernum-4-slowdown-issues-suggested-fix-included-in-thread/ I have also tried it loading the game with Change Resolution (Recommended) as well as not changing the resolution so that it is small To my understanding I followed these steps Launch the 32-bit version, create a new custom database, then a new application fix. Navigate to the affected game executable, select it, and then, on the second page of fixes, look for "ForceDirectDrawEmulation." To make sure the fix stays, right-click the database and select "Install" which will apply the fixes when you launch the game outside the Compatibility Administrator. I downloaded the ACT 5.6 ApplicationCompatibilityToolkitSetup.exe Installed it Ran the Compatibility Admin 32-bit Underneath Custom Database there was a New Database I right clicked it; create new > application fix the Create new Application fix, box pops up filled in the name of the program to be fixed "Geneforge 1" filled in the name of the vendor for this program "Spiderweb Games" I clicked on browse & went to the steam game folder selected Geneforge.exe clicked next Now the Compatibility modes appears I DID NOT select "Run this program in compatibility mode" I instead clicked NEXT to go to the 2nd page scrolled down to find ForceDirectDrawEmulation put a checkmark next to ForceDirectDrawEmulation clicked next clicked finish the menu closed Now, clicked on the Database & click the SAVE icon Database Name box appeared I named it "Mouse Fix - Geneforge 1" clicked Ok a NEW save box appears & is pointing to the Steam Geneforge 1 folder I named that file "Geneforge 1 2017-11-24" and it saved as a .sdb then I Right Clicked on the DataBase & clicked Installed a new window pops up "The Database 'Mouse Fix - Geneforge 1' was successfully installed Load Geneforge 1 using steam game loads mouse cursor is still messed up & did not change at all (ie it moves very awkward & sluggish) What did I do wrong? Did I perform the install & "fix" correctly?
  2. Is there anything carried over from G1 - G2 - G3 - G4 - G5 ? Character Items Previous Events Previous Endings Actions taken Dialogue ...or is each Geneforge game autonomous unto itself?
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