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  1. I accidentally posted before I was done. A bunch of additional things of note: 4. Class In addition to Monk, I would also omit Druid because they don't fit Avernum setting. Warlocks could have as their patron fiends (demons) or perhaps even powerful Vahnatai elders or dragons. Sorcerer does not totally fit Avernum setting, but since there's a talent for Natural Mage, they are not entirely implausible, at least for a few levels. 5. Equipment Vydaera's notes are great. Typically, the Avernum-made equipment is makeshift, made from poor materials. Metal is rare and steel is even more rare, so thus is heavy armor and good quality weapons. Cavewood is not particularly suitable for bows, so they are generally of low quality. Surface-made equipment is generally of better quality and highly sought after. 6. Languages - "Humanese", the language of the people from the Empire (surface world) - Slitherikai likely have their own language - So do Vahnatai - Aranea have their own written language 7. Magic and Spells - Low-level spells (maybe 0-3 or 0-4) are pretty common. Even they are treasured and sold by only few libraries. - Mid-level spells (~4-7 or so) are likewise highly valued. They are only available at Tower of Magi or in guarded individual libraries. - High-level spells (8-9) are extremely valuable and guarded. They can only be researched by powerful and knowledgeable individuals or possibly be taught by them (Erika, some Vahnatai; example of a special individual would be the one in Kyass' town) Certain spells are guarded vehemently because of their special power. These include at least the power to: Create or dispel magical barriers Bound crystal souls (initially only Vahnatai know about this) Move mountains/large land masses (potentially dangerous in a cavern system like Avernum) Resurrection of the dead Also, take a look at the spell list of Avernum (both the new and the old version) and why not Exile as well. See if there are any spells not covered by Pathfinder's magic system and create the bunch. Note that Erika and pals are said to have created the glowing magic mushrooms in the ceiling, so there exists magic to create/evolve/manipulate fungi. Therefore, the magic of Avernum potentially has the power to alter many properties of living creatures. This allows for potential story hooks involving genius alchemists creating revolutionary (or potentially catastrophic) new substances or creatures.
  2. Hi, Years ago, I made rules to convert Avernum to MERP/Rolemaster 2nd edition and later also RMFRP. The most problematic thing about that was the magic system: Rolemaster magic system doesn't feel like it fits for Avernum. In Avernum just about everybody can some learn magic with ease and there are no spell fumbles in the games. I can check later if I can find my notes. I agree with Vydaera's list though. Here's a short list of features to be considered: 1. Campaign time Consider that as the time goes onward, more and more humans are born in Avernum and have lived there for their entirely lives Avernum 1 - All races are in war with each other in Avernum. Avernum 2 - Some Nephilim and Slitherikai have allied with Humans allowing mixed race parties - Vahnatai reveal themselves, not very suitable for PCs though due to their demeanor at this time Avernum 3 - Outside world possible to be explored by Avernites I haven't played Avernum 4-6 though I read their backstories, I have no specific insight on those 2. Race Humans - No special features - Originating from the surface: skin increasingly pale with the amount of time spent in Avernum Nephilim - Nimble and fast, good with bows - Originating from the surface Nepharim - Sub-race of Nephilim - Stronger than Nephilim but infertile Slitherikai - Big and strong - Their physique allows them to wield large weapons with ease - Fire-resistant - Indigenous to the caves Vahnatai - Smart, able to craft magical crystals and extremely sharp weapons - Attuned to living deep underground - (Not very suitable for PC races due to being ancient and alien) Some monster races of Avernum: Goblins - Small, weak, stupid, typically hostile Intelligent spiders - Friendly ones: Silly, simple, quirky, typically no magical powers - Aranea: Evil, magic-wielding Gremlins - Like insane fey-folk with razor-sharp talons Ogres and giants - Big, strong and usually stupid - (But I can't remember, are there giant mages?) 3. Culture/Origin for humans Surface dweller - You were a human who was, rightly or wrongly, exiled to Avernum - Possibly longing back to surface - Need background options on what they were doing before and why they were banished Avernum-born - Possibly naturally attuned to living in caves - Who were your parents? Were they exiled to Avernum? (do you know) Why? 4. Class I'm unfamiliar with Pathfinder's class system. I've only dabbled with DnD 5th Ed. Of DnD5 classes, I would omit Monk because in my opinion unarmed combat does not fit the setting of Avernum.