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  1. I'm finding boxes in the spiral that, when I open them, are saying: "The box contains the broken fragments of a crystal. There's also some ash and charred wood. It looks like the crystal exploded inside the box." What I am wondering is if I did something (or failed to do something) which caused the crystals to explode. I feel like there may have been a reward inside these boxes, but, through some action or inaction, I caused the crystals to explode before I got to the boxes. Or are they just put there to be a disappointment? Thanks for any enlightenment you can share!
  2. It looks to me that there are at least six more hidden rooms below Thalants that I have not been able to find the switches for. The "bumps" on the wall lines in the maps are usually a pretty good clue of where rooms are, but I have been able to find no switches for them. I have been searching online for clues about this but I'm not finding any references to them in any walk-throughs or anything like that. I took a screenshot and indicated where the rooms look like they would be, but maybe we don't have a way to upload pics to these discussions? Anyway, thanks if you can help.
  3. That's how to use the Character Editor, once you have turned it on, Randomizer. I'm curious as to how to turn it OFF. Thanks for your response!
  4. I turned it on without realizing that it was a "one-way street." Does anybody know how to turn it back off again? Thanks. (Sorry if this is a repeat question... I did search a lot.)
  5. And nine years later, somebody used this and it worked. Thanks, friend!
  6. I inadvertently killed the Stone Worker before I talked to it to begin the test. Is there a way to do some kind of a reset so that I can interact with it, and thereby accomplish Malachite's second test? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, Huey! Yes, I do remember pulling an attack like that recently, but I actually thought it was fairly far from Shanker's. It's good to know the answer before I go in for the reset. Much appreciated!
  8. I am really curious about this. I would like to figure out what I did that made the island hate me before I even landed there. Thanks.
  9. Thanks, Randomizer. I haven't even landed on the island yet, so I'm not sure how I could have upset them so. There are so many powerful creatures on every face of the island my characters are dying the moment we get off the boat. I wondered if Shanker had a friend on another island that I killed or something. It makes no sense that they should be mad before I've even arrived.
  10. I've just arrived at Shanker's Tower (Avernum 5) and the whole island is already mad at me. What did I do? How do I make them un-mad?
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