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  1. Ah good. At the beginning I was mystified as to what my PC's primary stat could be. I did read in-game that some special TMage attacks were boosted by DEX, so, on levelups, I alternated between DEX and INT. Most of my PC's rune enhancements are evasion bonuses, so he is now an evasion machine. Thanks for quick reply.
  2. So I'm playing as a Tinkermage for the first time. They're good for defending a position, but not so good for advancing. My question is: In the endgame you're supposed to be fleeing for your life. (towards Fort Foresight) If I stay in one area, will enemies keep spawning limitlessly? Or can i make them all come to me in the first area?
  3. An addendum: Problem solved. The settings file is called Avernum4Settings.dat Just searching for Avernum4 settings wasn't good enough for Win8 search.
  4. Yes, because I also searched my AppData folders. Should I include any files or screens?
  5. I just did that -- no dice. I also tried booting in Safe Mode -- nope. This is so frustrating I appreciate your prompt replies Lilith. Should I just e-mail support at this point?
  6. Very Strange The settings file is missing. Can't find it in the AV4 Data Folder. Can't find it ANYWHERE on my C Drive. I'm still getting the grey box and the aforementioned error message. There was a file called AV4ScenData.dat, which I cut and pasted to the desktop -- to no effect. Whether in the Data folder or not, I still get the error.
  7. Hello All, I got the Avernum Second trilogy via Steam. Everything was fine until I inadvertently changed the "Resolution on Startup" I now get the following error message in a small grey box: Avernum 4 requires the monitor to be set to exactly 16 Bit color and at least 1024x768 resolution> Your monitor isn't set to a suitable resolution. Now, my Dell is 3 years old and Win8 doesn't give the option to set ANY 16-bit color. (Default is 1920x1200) I tried a few different compatibility settings on the avernum4.exe and that hasn't worked either. Help a brother out??
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