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  1. I've been playing this on a macbook pro (i7, 16 gig of ram, OS X 10.9.5) and it runs great - no heat issues at all. Spiderweb is now one of my favorite gaming companies for games for my notebook because they don't cause my fans to spin up and my comp to get hot. It's actually something I check for in every game demo for my macbook. With Avadon 2 playing, and several sites open in Safari - i see about 12-14% cpu usage overall. All 4 cpu cores seem to have an even load too as opposed to one core carrying all the processing burden. (I guess i could load the game just by itself and see how it balances out then... I'm guessing though that it will spread out evenly but even If it were all on one core, it still may not be enough to cause a notable performance issue.)
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