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  1. Is there a way to attach a file in the post? I could send you the last save I had before trying to join the Scimitar after destroying the orb and you could see if there are any anomalies or at least what I might have done to trigger it.
  2. The initial change to the file didn't help, but I was able to alter the others to give myself all the parts of the password, which allowed me to finish the Escape Quest. Thank you for your help.
  3. Thanks. I'll see how it goes once I have a chance to edit the file.
  4. The save file (if it still exists, I tend top clean out extraneous ones from time to time) would be a ways back in the game, as I undertook the Demon and King Assassination quests after hitting that wall; with the Scimitar, so I'd end up doing them all over again, and probably forgetting a lot of things I did along the way. I'd be better off just replaying the game if I wanted. I might have a hex-editor lying around though, from another game I needed to alter a file for. Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. Yeah, I figured it wouldn't work, but since it was the endgame and getting to the surface was the only thing left in the game to do, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try anyway. It's okay. I guess I'll just have to live with my party being celebrated heroes in the underworld... I still wish I knew what turned them, though.
  6. I hadn't killed those monsters yet. I only found them after going through the base on an unsaved attempt to kill the hostiles. I'll try the editor route, though, just in case it works for me. Thanks for the input. I only have the second part of the password, so I think I need to get into Scimitar before Erika will give me her part.
  7. I've finished all of A1, except exiting Avernum and have hit a roadblock. I went through the contacts for joining Scimitar and destroyed the Orb, but when I returned to report in, the contact in the Bargha secret room was no longer Cleese, but one labeled "Assassin" who attacked the party. Additionally, all the other NPCs in the Scimitar base behind that room were hostile. I don't recall killing anyone who might have turned them against me. I've only killed the assassin thusfar and have tried coming back a few days later, but they are still hostile. I am not getting any new dialog from Calder indicating that anything changed. He still just tells me how to get to the secret area. Any idea what may have happened? Did I do anything out of order for the quest that may have caused this?
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