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A4 - Get a better price for sold goods?

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Is there any way in AV4 to get a better price for sold goods? I'm only at the Eastern Gallery, but so far every merchant who was willing to buy from me only gives about 25% of the actual value. Can I improve this, either by a quest or a location? There dont' seem to be any skills in the game that influence buying/selling...

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It will only prevent rounding from working against you, I think. The difference should be fairly small.


For example, if something's worth 5 coins, you can sell it for 1. If you sell 4 separately, you'll get 4 coins. However, if you sell 4 of them together, they'll be worth 20 coins, so you get 5 coins. I guess it could add up to something reasonable over time, but for me I think it's just too much of a hassle for the gain. Obsessive maximizers (not that it's bad to be one; I pick up goblets when I find them) may disagree.

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Money is not plentiful if you try to get many skills trained by trainers or learn spells enough. By the end of my game I still had skills I wanted to learn from trainers and spells I wanted to improve.


As for the selling in groups of 4, there are some odd effects:

lamps have a value of 3, so 1 lamp gives 0 coins, 2 gives 1 coin, 3 gives 2 coins, and 4 gives 3 coins.


Food, and javelins have a value of 2, so selling 1 gives nothing, and if you sell an odd number you get just as much as if you sold all but 1.

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