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Intel Mac: what about the save files?


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I just rtied a save file of any Avernum game, and it simply doesn't recognize them as save files. Even worse, my Intel mac doesn't recognize the cmg file of my scenario as a cmg file. The editor works perfectly, recognizes the .bas file, but all custom graphics are left out.


Anybody understand this?

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I'm going to install Windows XP today.


All Avernum games work briliantly and fast on my Intel Imac. That is, after I downloaded all Intel based versions of the games. However, together with a lot of files I already had on my old G3 Imac running Mac OS 9.2.2, the save files aren't recognized as save files.


I will email jeff. Thanks for trying to help.


EDIT: I just downloaded Resfool (Resedit doesn't work on Mac OS X) and it says that the cmg file doesn't have a resource fork, menaing that I'll have to remake it with the pics from Windows. At least one mystaery is solved now.


EDIT2: never mind. Also when I recreate the cmg file using Resfool the bloody editor doesn't recognzie the file. I'm getting frustarted indeed, because this would mean that i can't make any proper scenario on this machine!

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I solved my scenario problem, and I think that if I do the same with the save files, they will work too. What I did (and I invented this in the middle of the night):


1) Compress all needed files with Stuffit Dropstuff;

2) Put them on my Intel mac;

3) Decompress the files


This way the cmg file is spared and everything still works.

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