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Mechanics and Leadership

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This deserves its own thread. How much Mechanics and Leadership will you want to do things in G4?


They are not very expensive skills. I found it nearly impossible to play a game not investing the base necessary amounts to do most things, just because I like to see, do, and steal everything. It's also nice getting the extra experience from disarming many mines and opening many locked doors that are in the game. I think that you gain nearly, if not as much leveling up for what you gain in potential experience bumping up your Mechanics decently. Jeff kept saying beta testers were investing way too much in the "geek skills" which are these two, and I'm not sure how much he considered too much.


I wound up with 8 Leadership and 12 Mechanics for my potent Infiltrator by endgame, but 7 Leadership and 11 Mechanics served my Shock Trooper just as well. Note that it is possible eventually in the game to get free level raises in various skills from canisters or blessings, so it doesn't even mean you'll be investing that full amount to get there.


So, practically speaking, you will need 8 Mechanics just to do everything in The Forsaken Lands (Chapter 1.) 6 Mechanics is sufficient to do many things there, 7 to do everything but a very few mines. In Burwood Province (Chapter 3), you'll want to bump up to around 10 Mechanics to do most things.


Meanwhile, you will eventually need 7 or 8 Leadership in order to be able to recruit certain help throughout the game (by Burwood Province.) I never got more than 8 Leadership and am not sure if there are any further benefits beyond that level. Anyone else know?


In Dillame, when you have 6 Leadership, talk to the mayor in the NW corner of the city. Explore all dialog options and be flattering. It's worth it if you feel lucky.


By end game, I wind up with 10-12 Mechanics. You can boost that by up to five points with bonus gear alone, amazingly enough, depending on who you are serving and how much of a looter you are.


I'm sure there will be more to add to the nuances of this topic, and reports from testers and others who ignore Mechanics and Leaderships almost entirely in the interest of buffing up other skills. I found the game much more satisfying having these skills overall.



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Jeff thought that my mechanics at 15 in Chapter 2 was high (3 from items). High mechanics can easily add 3 to 4 levels to your character and reduce the rate of using living tools. It takes more mechanics to replace one living tool than in previous games.


The highest locked/trapped chest in Chapter 1 is difficulty 12 but mechanics of 8 will do nicely for starting out in Southforge Citadel to get most items except for a difficulty 10 and 12 chest in Upper Southforge Citadel. The highest difficulty chests in Chapter 2 are also 12.


I found in replaying the game that mechanics 10 was the maximum needed level using skill points. There is a canister for mechanics and enough items to raise Mechanics to effective 17.


In Chapter 2 you need mechanics of 10 and items can raise it to 14 which is the highest difficulty needed in Eliza's Bunker. Tinker's gloves (mechanics +2) are available in Chapter 2 and 3. There is a difficulty 12 trapped chest that allows you to steal an Infiltrator's tunic (mechanic+1). Tinker's bauble (mechanic +1) is a quest reward in Chapter 2 and buy from Shapers in Chapter 4. Infiltrator's cloak (mechanic +1) is in Thornton an area that is hard to explore unless you help the Shapers.


Chapter 4 has a canister and the Infiltrator's charm (mechanics +1). Chapter 5 gives you the last part of the artifact Cloak of Shadows (mechanics +2) but there is much need for it by then.


You can use mechanic at level 17 to shut off power spirals in the Titan's Hall but you can avoid the damage with only 14 and some care.


The highest difficulty trap is 30 in Northern Grosch and Grosch Pits. You'll find out how to get that high when you are there and it really isn't worth it except for completeness.


Leadership of 8 seems to be fine and the Infiltrator's tunic and cloak can raise it to help. You need leadership of 5 in Southforge Citadel. Leadership 6 for Chickweed Bridge. Leadership 7 in Chapter 2 and to recruit in Chapter 3. I think Leadership of at least 8 for the rest of the game. If you get a control baton then you need at least leadership 7 to effectively use it.


There is supposed to be an Infiltrator's shelter in I think Chapter 5.

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