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In Chapter 3 at Rebel Camp Aziraph there is a trainer, Captain Archibald. He trains melee weapons, missle weapons, quick action, and parry.


There are some people that with enough leadership or fulfilling a quest will increase spellcraft.


The Chapter 1 training in spellcraft is expensive and usually it takes until Chapter 2 before you get enough money for both points. By then I think it's too late to sell him out for the reward from General Crowley.

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I might have missed this every game somehow. Who exactly sells or trains you in Spellcraft early on and under what circumstances?


The mayor in Dillame will boost your Luck by +1 if your Leadership is 6 and you flatter him.


Shaper Danell in the Fen Gamma camp boosts your Spellcraft by +1 if you ask him for help with your corruption (I assume your Leadership needs to be a certain level to get the dialog option.) Mine was at 7.


Anyone able to name some of the other "blessing" boosts or skill trainers? They seemed few and far between, but I remember one or two other boosts at least, and Moseh used to steal one Intelligence when you fight him, but that was when he was surrounded by bound serviles. Does that still happen in the pro-rebel path? It doesn't if you first did the tasks for Shaftoe and Eliza as if you planned to help repair Moseh.




EDIT: There is a Spellcraft +1 canister in the NW area of the Dillame Fields (behind the shaper encampment.)

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Never got to wipe out the 31st Regiment to find that canister.


Burke in Chickweed Bridge will train you and trade with you if you have leadership 6. You can get spellcraft for about 2400 and create artila. The best is that he teaches augmentation.


In the Sentinel Woods, a guardian shade will quest you to kill the other 3 shades in the crypts to the southwest that are locked. The reward is Spellcraft +1. He's in the north along a narrow path.


I'm not sure if you need more than leadership 6 for Shaper Darnell to improve your spellcraft.


I really need to type up my notes because I'm doing this mostly from memory.


Derenton Freehold, Orios Blaze has quest to slay Imprudent Drayk with the reward Dexterity +1, You need leadership 7 or more to suceed in quest.

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Free skill boosts are great, but keep in mind they work completely differently -- you always get them and they don't affect the cost of new points in a skill. Trainers are a more strategic issue basically requiring advance planning, since you can only use them if you haven't yet put points into the skill in question. When trainers are available early and train "expensive" skills, it's easy to hold off and make use of them. When available late, they are often more frustrating than helpful.

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