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Faction Only Areas[G5]


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Control Core B is only Alwan and Trakovite factions. Secret Access Road is only Astoria and Ghaldring factions. The southwest part of Lost Dera Vault is Taygen faction only.


Foundry Repository keys -

B - Alwan faction only and must swear

C - found in Gazaki-Uss (all factions can get to it)

D - Trakovite quest, but you can get as Rebel without swearing to Trakovites

E - Taygen faction only and must swear

G - Astoria faction and you must swear


Joining Astoria faction gives access to her private quarters in northeast Harai-Kel.

Joining Alwan faction gives access to his library.

Joining Ghaldring faction gives access to the laboratory.

Joining Trakovite faction allows for shortcut through the Trakovite Haven.

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As I've been going through and documenting the quests I've come across the following:


Control Core B is non-faction if you are Pro-Shaper and talk to Alwan. You must either complete quest #12 without lying or lying with leadership of 10+. If your reputation is 103+ (adjusted by 50% leadership) you can get the quest to unlock this area.


Secret Route is non-faction if you are Pro-Rebel and talk to Ghaldring. You must not back down from while completing quest #12. After you complete quest #12 (lie or tell the truth) talk to Ghaldring with a reputation of 100- (adjusted by 50% leadership) to get the quest to unlock this area.


Given that I have 10+ leadership by this point I can get both quests so long as keep my reputation between 98 to 103.

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