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The GF5 Way of the Warrior/Guardian[G5]

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The warrior or guardian is a fighting tank. Plenty of strength for heavy armor to protect him and endurance so you can wait on healing. This allows you to rely less on spells to even up the odds in a fight.


There are three versions. The first is the melee fighter that closes with the enemy and hacks until dead. Stength, melee weapon, and quick action skills are primary, but get some missle weapon skill to pick off the stray target on the edge of a swarm so you don't have to chase after missle type creations like artilas. The second is a missle fighter that emphasizes dexterity and missle weapon skills. You do less damage, but you don't have to chase down your targets. The last is the squadron fighter that directs creations to assist in the fights. This requires more intelligence and some shaping skills in one class to make powerful helpers.


Parry is not that useful anymore at 2% per level in melee and 1% per level versus missle attacks. It's better to put the skill points towards more health with endurance or armor/resistance with luck.


When fighting groups of foes it helps to have either a favorable position where only a few can attack you or use mental magic to daze and/or control your foes. Terror wands are nice near the start of the game, but you spend time chasing after foes running in different directions and it will wear off before you get them all. Now planting yourself in a doorway or corner and toss a bile-infused crystal or later lightning crystal at a swarm weakens them while you deal with those nearest you.


Be sure to upgrade your weapon. The stunning blade in Whitespires Pass, the flaming blade in Kratoa Stoneworks, the oozing blade in Lerman's Pass, or the frozen blade in the Foundry Repository are all steps on the way to the puresteel blade at 25-125 base damage. Similarly javelins, steel javelins, venom baton, acid baton, submission baton are steps towards the reaper baton. Don't worry there are plenty of turrets to harvest more in reaper thorns even if it makes the shaper there hostile.


You can get spell training in Harai-Kel from Quothe and it gets cheaper after doing his quest to visit Gorash-Kel. That gives you two levels and you can craft smoking gauntlets for 3 more levels. Firesteel gauntlets at the end are +5 so you can cast most spells without investing skill points in them. This will let you do acid shower and other spells to weaken foes.

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Slarty's posted this warning elsewhere already, but it's important to know: use the Warrior, not the Guardian. The Guardian gets more essence at the start but soon falls behind.


How do batons stack up later on? Reaper damage scales up faster than any other attack type in the game; is this reflected in in-game damage numbers? It seems like a dedicated missile character should be able to consistently outdamage a melee character once he gets hold of a reaper baton, even when you take Quick Action into account.

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I never got to run a dedicated missle character past the North Mera Road fight with Koski. At missle weapons 10 and dexterity 8, I was still doing less damage than with my sword that had original melee weapons and strength for the armor I was wearing.


Reapers seemed to do decent damage with moderate missle weapons and some dexterity, but no where near the 300+ per hit that a puresteel blade does at the end and I was still getting about 150 per hit with a frozen blade with a dedicated melee guardian and usually a second hit from quick action. I think I got about 100 damage per reaper with 8 missle weapons and 8 dexterity, but I probably needed more for missle weapons and shouldn't have wasted time with parry.


Essence was always a problem for the guardian. I suppose Jeff will correct that error eventually, but that was the main reason I never made creations except to finish the expert dungeon.

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I've spent at least 4 hours attempting to plunder a specific box inside Gorash Kel. Specifically it was th eblue middle box at the NW corner of teh citadel, where there is a constant Unbound drakon standing, as well as two more patting into the room.

Im sharing this because the contents of the box was a Shaped blade(14-70), which I found to be much more useful then the stunning blade.


Once done I thought of enchanting it with an Ameythst crystal for the acid debuf, but alas I accidentally saved the game after enchanting it with faster blows (lol).


Throw some more points into quick action and melee with this and I found myself one shooting nearly every creature throughout the Mera Tev.


EDIT: On hindsight I guess my mistake has helped me to slaughter rogues

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Synergy sneaked around Gorash-Kel and looted everything but that one blue box.


It's hard to kill Unbound in Gorash-Kel without lots of health and plenty of healing pods early in the game above Normal difficulty. Once you get to Stormhold and the heal spell it's easier. I suppose with the right creations to withstand area effect spells it's possible.

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How'd I get it? What they said, I sneaked and looted most of Gorash Kell quick saving as I went. They key part for me was watching the damned patrols. At the NW room, the main problem was the Unbound patrolling N and S into the room directly under it. To solve this and have some breather space I ran into through the west door outside, and saved there. Afterward I commenced a lot of reloading attempting to steal it without getting caught. At the end I did end up getting caught, but by a stroke of luck I resisted/parried several of the unbound attack and got out alive.


I do have a question though, I just got the flaming blade from Kratoa Stoneworks but I'm not sure if I should vendor it versus the shaped blade.


EDIT: When I did this I found the patrol to be erratic, almost never taking the same time to patrol. generally I would stand near the door and watch till he leaves, run to the SE pillar, end turn loot and GTFO, but the 3d round's normally where I got caught, and squished.

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That's odd randomizer, cuz I have not missed an attack in a while.

Also I planed to enhance it with acid, but didn't realize I did faster blows lol.

Thanks for the advice anyway, gonna hit Lerman's pass soon.


EDIT: What the hell is a construct? Do they mean golems and such?


EDIT2: Wouldn't it be possible to still use the shaped blade and enchant it to get similar effects to the frozen/flaming/oozing blades?

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Constructs were a new way of classifying summoned shades which had previously been called undead. Radiance was redefined from GF4 to specifically act on them. The drayk in West Shadow Road summons constructs.


Yes you can enchant shaped blades and the puresteel blade near the end. It's just some people take the frozen/flaming/oozing blades and enchant them for extra damage or other effects like slowing (really helpful in long fights).

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